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Fuel Article - How do I manually install The Quadzilla Driver / Load the Quadzilla V2 tune on Windows 10 / 8 / 7

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I am creating this thread to help people get The driver installed on Windows 10 if they have never done it.  I will not help outside of this thread so DO NOT PM me in regards to it.   If you are feeling like this helped you please shoot over a donation to the site.  It takes a ton of time and effort to keep something like this going.  


The Quadzilla Flasher program requires NetFrameWork 3.5  Ensure you download that and install it if you don't have it already.




*****For Windows 10 you must follow the Embedded PDF to a T.


******For Windows 8 the step 1 process will not work, you need to disable signed drivers manually.   Follow the webpage below and then run step 2 after you complete the below. 




****** For Windows 7 you don't need to run Step 1.  Windows 7 allows for unsigned drivers to be installed without alterations to the OS.  Only run Step 2.




Please print out the follow or use a second computer / Phone to keep this window up.  THIS WILL REQUIRE A REBOOT.



Once you have read and reread the directions you can download the flasher program.  


Quadzilla Flasher Installer 32 Bit


Quadzilla Flasher Installer 64 bit



V2 Tuning will only work if you have the Iquad setup.  PV1 / PV2 and POD screens WILL NOT WORK


V2 Tuning Flash Files 

The latest flash files are hosted here










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