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DashDyno SPD Pro Pack

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Hey Fellas

I was looking for the best prices on a ScanGauge II and I came across the DashDyno SPD Pro Pack

It does everything the SG II does and more. Yes it is more money,but I like the idea of a Dyno and some of the other features. Insert the CD into your PC and you can all use the program as a diagnostic and scan tool. You can connect your GPS to the unit and the software will track you or somebody else who drives the car. Upload the info to Google Earth and see where your car has been,how fast ect.. There is also an upgrade for Chevy B body's ABS system as well as airbag codes. Its a big ++++ since I have a '96 garage queen.

It has pretty good reviews on Amazon and the ricers on a Honda tuner forum can't say enough about it because it reads boost levels,0-60 times,ect.

So.....what do you guys think about it? Please don't flame me for lurking around the tuner site.:lol:

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I think I'm going to place my order for it tomorrow. I'll update everyone after I've played with it. I'm interested in seeing how the dyno works.


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Interesting... I would love to get one just to play with... :drool:

I will be ordering my unit tomorrow and will update everyone after I play with it a while. Can't wait to try it out on my wifes Subaru Forester and see what kind of horsepower its NOT putting out.post-10449-138698170506_thumb.gif(not working)

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I'm not sure where to start. I received the unit a few days ago,after opening the box I was real impressed with the mount. Its made by Ram Mount,its a nice heavy duty unit with a dial suction cup. They don't provide a written user manual with the dyno dash unit,so one must install the CD to under stand how to try and make the unit function. The user manual is huge and no friggin way can a fella memorize it all,so you either have to print out at least 30 pages or take the PC to your vehicle like I did. After reading through the instructions I try and get the dyno dash to work. First it won't connect with my pickup,so I try the car. Same thing. I go to there website and try the update. After down loading the update,I can't upload it to the unit. After an hour or so I give up pissed off and wait for the wife to get home since she is a wiz at computers. After 20 or so mins she is able to upload the update. So I can now connect to both vehicles,but now the unit can't read the memory card you must buy to store all the data. After further reading I realize I missed a step. Went back and did what I was supposed to do. I try another memory card and its the same ____,won't read the card. So I decide to try and read the live data and not save it. I can't even get the POS to do that. I even tried to use it to check for a thrown code and it wouldn't even to that. What a huge pile of crap. There are way too many steps one must do to even start using the unit. It take forever to go from one step to another,push the button,wait at least 45 seconds,then push another. I may have received a bad unit,or maybe not. My only advice is to save your money and wait till they have all the bugs worked out.

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