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What off a 24v will work on a 6.7 block?

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I have a 53. Block in a 2006 International 4300 service truck that cracked 3 years ago so I Tig welded it & it held up until now.  I’ve got access to a couple 6.7 short blocks.   Will the my new Vp44 pump with the 24v cylinder head work on the 6.7 block?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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There have been a handful of VP 6.7s made. If I remember correctly you need different connecting tubes, the entire gear train swapped over and the timing case modified I think..


The gears in a VP44 truck are helical cut but 6.7s are straight cut. The crank gear is a royal PITA to swap because the press fit is so tight (one of the ones I read about was, might have been exception vs the norm).


It would be easier to get a billet timing case and cover than to do the modifications needed on stock parts I think (not sure on this after rereading some forum posts).


Keep the CR head, it flows better.


As a reference, search for p-pumped 6.7s. The majority is the same except the different timing case and injection pump.






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