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Cetane boosters and BTU relationship...

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Ok gang... Another find I got to give credit to Rcannon over at TheDieselGarage.com for the document he sent me. Its the SAE testing of diesel fuel. I had to throw a quick post about cetane boosters and the relationship of BTU content.

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This just proves that high cetane fuel tend to produce less power and it also proves that high cetane winterized fuels is the reason why everyone complains about poor MPG's in the winter. Now since 2 cycle oil tends to be a natural cetane reducer this is why most of use see a small gain in MPG and the quietier engines... The fuel tends to burn slower and without the knock.

7. Diesel Fuel Additives

Commercial diesel fuels may contain a variety of additives to enhance or impart certain desirable

properties. Among those which may be found in current fuels are ignition quality improvers (Cetane boosters), oxidation

inhibitors, biocides, rust preventives, metal deactivators, pour point depressants (anti-gel), demulsifiers, smoke

suppressants, detergent-dispersants, conductivity improvers, dyes, and de-icers.

Diesel fuel additives are shown by class and function in Table 3. As with any system in which a variety of

additives may be used, care should be taken to avoid incompatibilities among additives and unanticipated

interactions which may produce undesirable fuel effects.

More to come as I dig the information up... ;)
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