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1st or 2nd gen Cummins in a 3rd gen?

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Anyone here try it yet?


I saw some videos, looks like you need to fab up some simple motor mount adapters and change the exhaust manifold to drop the turbo down.


Is the turbo move because of the air conditioning?


What about the gauges and an auto transmission.  Obviously easier with a manual.

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In the 3rd gen they dropped the the turbo because of emissions noise reasons, the 3rd gen stock manifold location is just there to quite it down. Hence why the 2nd gen swap is popular on the 3rd gen and up pickup trucks. 

But I've heard that the stock manifold is not the greatest for exaughst gas flow. And can be hard on the valves in the last couple of cylinders. But there are aftermarket manifolds for the 3rd gen that flow to 99.9 % the same as the 2nd gen style, minus the louder exaughsy note / louder turbo noises. 


Upto you, have heard that they make new lines for the 4th gen 6.7 trucks to reroute the A/C lines. 


But unless you just want the turbo sound I'd just stick to a 3rd gen style and compounds

+ keep your A/C. 

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