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Build forum, comments / suggestions wanted

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Hello, so I've just been going threw my truck. 

Had some personal issues come up, and haven't been dumping $ into it for like over a year. 

Doings mods + fixing the stuffs/ stocking up -  (switches,ecm, tipm, wiring harnesses, fuel rails, mirrors... just want to get a boat load or atleast a couple ecms + tipms for spares, just cuz if it all dissappear ill be screwed.... ) 


Firepunk comp 2
30% ddps
10mm cp3
63/67 tater - soonish to a S464
Head bolts, fleece lift pump, reman stock long block
Ats t3 manifold W/EGT 
Mishimoto intercooler & transmission cooler,
XDP Xtra cool radiator
Mishimoto boots 

Efi live by firepunk

[ ^just got a retune for 10mm^]


Getting ready to go threw the steering & suspension.

Billstieen 5100's - trying movitech coils & ball joints 

I've heard the 6 bolt box is wayyy better but just the red head 4 bolt box. Steering shaft,

And going to a DOR front end upgrade kit. 

Dual steering stabilizer.

+ new tires & realignment during time of install.. for now, was considering a

4 link - track bars - DD able roll cage. 

For Track use / tie the back end down. 

But it's a tow truck, not lifted.. so I'm kinda not wanting to take it offroad and like break everything xD 


Was getting like 24 mpg on the overhead on the highway with same setup with just a stock cp3, and efi live for that setup..


Other soon to get mods


One piece drive shaft 
4.5k springs

turbonator s400 housing + s464 turbo

W/Exaughst brake & air compression 
Cam + push rods + tappets 



Hate the stock Cam, my oil life is terrible. Getting a different Cam want better oil life, was getting 3200-3400 miles in the stock 2nd gen before the oil turned pitch black. 

Get like less than 1 tank of fuel before it turns black... 


Broke my firepunk comp 2 ( full billet, triple disc ) got a rebuild, went to next-gen diesel for there billet triple disc... DPC's just snapped it..

DPC is dampless, NGD is dampened and still a full race converter. Didn't do a single burn out, no aggressive abuse on the trans, got like 2 years maybe 30k miles on it... broke just on cruise control :(plan to send mine out to get there in-house rebuild with there own valve body + other redesigns. Looks much more promising / dependable. And get a other full billet trans but threw them this time.

HIGHLY Recommend next-generation diesel over the firepunk transmissions


Also want to build a Higher HP engine

Thinking of getting another 06 - 07 5.9 truck for a race build... but I'm thinking 6.7 w/HO pistons either 6.4 or 6.7


5.9 short block- industrial
Ported head + thread freeze plugs + 4.5k springs 
 Wagler rods + 1950 or machine my own rods :P
Fluid damper $857
12mm girdle $1306
More aggressive Cam


( Still going threw it plan to stock up on 3rd gen parts, but I'm considering also getting a 4th or 5th gen... probably both :P )












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The total run out is much closer to 0. And less harmonics, no bearing on it. Ability to last last longer, can do burnouts almost worry free also. Larger u-joints.. 

And in my my case it took like 8 lead weights to get it to be acceptable somewhat in the runout. Vs a piece that should be like.001 or something in total runout 

Besides that the stock units will wollow out the back of a transmission from running out of round for 2 long a period of time... 


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So I went to dodge and it's fairly expensive to get key fobs there like $200 each + programing. I think it may have went up again on the key side + programing. 


that said I'm going to keep getting computers and I don't wish to keep having to reprogram them. 


So I was curious if any of you have a preferred scan tool to do so or some kind of device like this one from Walmart. It's like $30...


No offense but it would be awesome to just grab one every time I need to swap ECM'S. 

( @ dodge one of there techs had a application on his phone to do it. Any ideas there??) 


Thank you 




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