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Want a 4th gen...

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So I want a 4th gen..  but I want a deleted one 

& the ability to freely travel. 

Should I just get a early 4th gen and weld off the cooler ends and keep it on so if I get pulled over I still have it installed? / stock exaughst / knock out the cat? 


The only other thing on my mind is get another 3rd gen and stuff a 4th gen 6.7 or 5th gen 6.7 engine/ ECM into it.  I did hear the CMB is the best for tuning/ racing, but the 4th gen trucks look so clean just letting the computer control the fueling. ( what I'm after entirely actually ) 

And a 48re setup. 


Would be cool to have a 500hp + truck that's just doesn't even give off a little puff of smoke. Mostly for MPG


(Out of curiosity can you run either of those ecms with a 5.9 and 5.9 injectors? Or is it not possible with the 5.9 injectors / wiring setup on the valve cover? Also heard on some 6.7's the injectors must be registered to the ecm. + the difference in injector return) 




Thank you for your time. 


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Unless you have a lot of money and spare time for a conversion nightmare, your best bet would be to find a 09-12 Ram with only the EGR and delete it and the EGR cooler. You'll most likely need to run EFI Live on it with a tune on it to keep the CEL off because of being deleted. 

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