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Two codes

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The MIL was on the other day, after I ran out of fuel. Apparently my draw straw starts to suck at ~1/8 tank indicated... anyway, I thought it might be related to that, but I just hooked the scanner up and got:P0122 - Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Low VoltageP1689 - Delivered Torque Circuit FailSo, experts, what's the scoop?

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Hmm... ok, so I unplugged and reseated the IP connection as well as the APPS, but it's still there.

Are these codes in tandem something to worry about? It does feel *a little* down on power, and it's shifting about 200rpm lower than normal.

--- Update to the previous post...

Actually, come to think of it, I was playing the relay shuffle when it died, because I couldn't get it to pump fuel at all. I quickly figured out that the factory security had shut power to it down, and so a quick double-twist of the key later and I had an operating FASS once again. Could I have set the code by cranking it with that relay out??

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