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I have seen a lot of posts on whether Amsoil really does meet VW specs.

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I have a 2009 and and cant wait till we come out with new filters and trany fluid. I am also going to be installing a By-pass system as soon as I can once I reach the 30k and am going to try to go longer drain intervals 20k should be easy with the by-pass

FYI do not to use the AFL in the new 2009 TDI because of the DPF this could cost you a lot of money down the road replacing the DPF. The AFL oil on the other hand with out the DPF could be used. For those that have older TDI's can use the AEL as I have been advised it is backwards compatible the 5w30 could net some gains in fuel milage.

The AEL is made as well as all of our oils with the finest materials available to us. I started using the AEL and started getting better fuel mileage I am sure some is related to the oil.

I would like to share with you possible results using Amsoil. I have a PDF for you 1996 Pasat with 278,000 and here is a 1985 Jetta 572 k & 2000 570 k Explorer the read the 409 Explorer first.

The Pasat used our 5w30 diesel oil with amazing results.

This may seem amazing and a onetime thing but I assure you they are not.

If you want to e mail me please do I hope you get something out of this.

Bill Crow

Don’t be a victim of big oil Propaganda

Bill Crow - Amsoil Direct Distributor

ZO # 1176229

1251 Reiker Ford Rd.

St Clair MO 63077


E-mail - Bill@FreeOilHelp.com


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