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Loss of power at 2000-2100 rpm

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Just as the title states it is just a momentary burp. Very repeatable. Doesn't matter if the engine is cold, hot, etc. According to the Edge Attitude monitor it is not related to throttle position (as the percent of throttle in which it occurs can be different and it still happens.) You can feel a slight lag in the truck then it picks up again. It is fine before or after. It happens about 80% of the time. Some clues that may help...it didn't happen before my hard starting problem appeared. However about a year before the hard starting appeared my check engine light came on and it was diagnosed as a crank position sensor code. The code went away and therefore the crank position sensor wasn't replaced at the time. A while, 6 months or so, after the hard starting appeared I started getting a random heavy miss at idle. When it happened the check engine light would come on. I wasn't able to check it since the diagnostic port had broken so I merely assumed from reading forum searches about the symptoms that it was a crank position sensor. I replaced the sensor and the code cleared itself after a days driving. However this power loss is still there and seems completely rpm dependent. I am planning on purchasing an OBDII blue tooth link adapter so that I can scan the truck via phone or laptop. It is capable of giving real-time data. However at this point I am shooting in the dark.No check engine light illuminated, no codes, and other than the power loss spot the truck runs great. The AirDog 150 never goes below 11psi.

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