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Well alot has happened since I disappeard of the face of the earth. But let me say I have popped in from time to time just to see what's going on. This site has always been near my heart and Great Bunch!! Hat's off to all of you. First off Big Red is back up and going. Yes it was the VP that was bad. I purchased an SoHo from the good guys at Mumau Diesel In PA. Talk to Jeff there if you need a good quality VP! They are the greatest. I also installed an AirDog to replace the original Holley Blue I installed many years ago. In my opioion I like the airdog but the cheap draw tube mod they have you do gave me a fit! It's a sucky setup. If you do get an airdog don't use the parts that comes in the kit. I suggest a real draw tube and bung. Started a new job so that's why I haven't been on much and the real reason to get the truck running again. I travel all over the country now. Haven't been home since 15 August. Love the job and the money is really good too.I just took an 1800 mile trip in 2.5 days from Dayton Ohio to Humbouldt Iowa to pick up a new trailer for work and haul it back to Harrisburg PA. Big Red ran great. This is where I have to pipe up for Geno's Garage! I bought one of their emergency kits some years back. Long story short; I'd still be stuck on the side of PA Turnpike if it wasn't for their kit. The belt Idler pulley took a dive this morning. their kit had a new pulley and belt. 20 minutes and I was back a running. Thank you Geno's!!!Also If any of you guy's need an 01 Auto ECM PM me. I have a spare that I'm planning on putting in the for sale section soon. I know it's good and have tested it. it's just sitting under my seat collecting dust and would love for it to have a good home. PM me if your interested.Also I started the 2Cycle additive. Want to save the vp for as long as possible. However I follow the 128:1 mix but I started to see my Fuel pressure drop as much as 5 psi. Anybody had the same issue? I stopped the 2 cycle for a few tanks and PSI is dead nuts on back at 15 -16. Let me know what you are thinking.JG

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