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  1. Big Red Sold This weekendWas a sad day at my house. will get pics up of my 2010 when i can!thanks ya'll
  2. Just changed mine last weekend. Filter is located up near the front passenger side of the motor. it can be loosened through the front right wheel well. then reached from underneath and un screwed. when I did mine it didnt drip a bit.hope this helps
  3. 01 ECLB 4X4 2500 Mild Mods 01 Dodge ECLB 4X4 Selling Big RED. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You won't find a Cleaner 2nd Gen out there. She has been my baby since later 03 when I bought her with 56k on the clock. She has never hauled heavy loads and is known by many of the powers to be. Give a shout for bump boy's if you know her. ok here it goes: 01 Quad Cab 2500 4x4 Auto 195k Flame Red Like brand new inside and out. Southern Mississippi truck so NO RUST!!!! Engine Work: Had DD4's still have them and stock injectors. RV275's in her now. HX35 upgrade- Tight with no movement. 4" down pipe the 5" all the way back BHAF-NEW Edge Drag Comp Bosch SOHO injector pump - Replace from MUMAU Diesel 08-11 AirDog 160 - also installed 08-11 Oil has been changed religiously ever 5000 miles with Rotella T Synthetic Tranny: FULL BLOWN SUN COAST! Triple loc Torque Convertor @ 91% YEA TIGHT! Full Billet everything Kevlar clutches with additional clutches in clutch packs Laminated Flywheel Double Deep Pan Modified valvebody. Smooth as a baby when your gentel, Snap your neck when your not. Interior: Installed overhead console with computer Not a tear anywhere Replaced stock AM/FM Tape player with New stock AM/FM tape and CD premium system Pioneer's 3 way's in from doors Tripple pod guages - Wetsach Tranny temp, Fuel pressure, Dual EGT and Boost 5% limo tint all the way around exsept Drivers window - 20% there Exterior: new Projector Headlights with dual HID controlers 8k Bulbs Grill Guard Have tail light guards to match. Nerf Bars Matching Cap shell New Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar 285/75 16's 90% tread New Firestone AirBags in the rear New Bilsteins all the way around Hate to sell her cause I love this truck. but it's time to Upgrade. Asking $15000 OBO cash money and she's worth every dime OR Will consider Trade up on gently used 07.5 or newer CCLB 4X4 3500 Dually. MUST BE 6 SPEED TRUCK, the more loaded the better. Some mods are ok but not interested in crazy stupid power. I have cash for the trade if the price is right Joe 228-two nine seven-4770 can be seen in my members ride page here: http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/2937-Jgendr-2001-Dodge-2500-Big-Red!!!!
  4. If your interested, and if I'm heading back north after the first of the year, I may be able to meet up with you on the drive up. Can bring you the grill guard too LOL
  5. As Stated above. Cleaning out my Garage. 01 Auto ECM In working order and tested. $350 plus the ride Second Gen Grill Guard Painted Red w Black accents and KC 100w off road lights. and Taillight Guards $150 plus the ride Second Gen Nerf Bars Quad Cab Long Bed. Painted Red $100 plus the ride. Stock Headlights and turn signals $75 for all plus the trip. all can be seen on my members ride page on the truck. http://forum.mopar1973man.com/threads/2937-Jgendr-2001-Dodge-2500-Big-Red PM me if your interested and will consider trades. JG
  6. jlwelding;I just replace both of mine with some projector styles from Ebay. their a little hazed but they should buff out with the headlight restorer.You pay the shipping and you can have both headlights and turnsignals.Let me know if you still need them.JG
  7. BHAF!!It's the only way to go in my opinion! K&N let too much through. BHAF is a true paper filter that is good for many many miles! It's not about mileage or responce as much as it's about CLEAN AIR!!! It just plain WORKS! Keeps ALL the Nasty's out of the engineJG
  8. Well alot has happened since I disappeard of the face of the earth. But let me say I have popped in from time to time just to see what's going on. This site has always been near my heart and Great Bunch!! Hat's off to all of you. First off Big Red is back up and going. Yes it was the VP that was bad. I purchased an SoHo from the good guys at Mumau Diesel In PA. Talk to Jeff there if you need a good quality VP! They are the greatest. I also installed an AirDog to replace the original Holley Blue I installed many years ago. In my opioion I like the airdog but the cheap draw tube mod they have you do gave me a fit! It's a sucky setup. If you do get an airdog don't use the parts that comes in the kit. I suggest a real draw tube and bung. Started a new job so that's why I haven't been on much and the real reason to get the truck running again. I travel all over the country now. Haven't been home since 15 August. Love the job and the money is really good too.I just took an 1800 mile trip in 2.5 days from Dayton Ohio to Humbouldt Iowa to pick up a new trailer for work and haul it back to Harrisburg PA. Big Red ran great. This is where I have to pipe up for Geno's Garage! I bought one of their emergency kits some years back. Long story short; I'd still be stuck on the side of PA Turnpike if it wasn't for their kit. The belt Idler pulley took a dive this morning. their kit had a new pulley and belt. 20 minutes and I was back a running. Thank you Geno's!!!Also If any of you guy's need an 01 Auto ECM PM me. I have a spare that I'm planning on putting in the for sale section soon. I know it's good and have tested it. it's just sitting under my seat collecting dust and would love for it to have a good home. PM me if your interested.Also I started the 2Cycle additive. Want to save the vp for as long as possible. However I follow the 128:1 mix but I started to see my Fuel pressure drop as much as 5 psi. Anybody had the same issue? I stopped the 2 cycle for a few tanks and PSI is dead nuts on back at 15 -16. Let me know what you are thinking.JG
  9. Well I know it's been a while on this problem and work and travel has keep me busy. Sorry. I found an ECM from a guy on another site and bought it from him. It was a good NO CODE ECM from a running 01 Dodge Auto truck. Sam year and model as mine. In Fact the date code on the ECM is only 2 Months newer than mine. Finally got to install it today. and Guess what? NO I TOLD YOU SO's!!! The same Issue is still there. DOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!. All things being equal The Dreaded P1689 Code leaves little wiggle room. DEAD VP!!!! So I guess I'm in the market for a VP now if Anybody has one they want to unload. Thankl JG
  10. Meeting them tomarrow at 8 am, I'll take all your suggestions and see what they say. let you know how it turns out JG
  11. Made it to Utah today, looking forward to getting with the gang at Edge. I'll set up a day tomarrow. Let ya'll know how things go. JG
  12. I'm not knocking Amsoil cause It's a great replacement oil!!! Just make sure that it's ATF+4 complient if you are on your stock tranny. If your tranny has been gone throughand the tranny shop used aftermarket clutches that are dextron conplient, only then you can use dextron. If you put dextron tranny fluid in a stock tranny you will cause premature clutch failure.
  13. do a search on Ebay for holey blue. You'll get a whole list of them. as far as hooking them up, I used the hot wire off the lift pump to feed the power to the holey blue. the stock lift pump is controller by the ecm through a relay. so if the stock lift pump is running the holley blue also runs. make sure you use both pumps or bypass the stock lift pump all together and go straigh to the filter from the holley blue it's your choice.
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