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  1. I use fleetguard filters and Rotella T Full Synthetic oil...works good for me and is rated up to around 10k miles with this filter setup I believe.
  2. Well I live like 10 mins from the Edge Corp. here in Utah. I know a guy with a 97 12V who is best friends with one of the human resource guys there at the shop. He said he was going to try to hook me up. We will see and go from there though.
  3. Hey I talked to a guy at Edge today. He said the BD Power box is essentially the same as the Edge Comp. He said it would cost $120 and they could do the upgrade to the "hot" drag with the BD Power box for the extra fueling.
  4. That is at almost a full turbo spool...but the weight was not that much. We are talking a 6X14 ft trailer with a Ranger 4X4 on it and a Honda 230CRF in my bed. I was climbing 2000 ft elevation though too. If I pulled more weight, the temp would obviously go up more I'm sure. I just haven't seen over 1000 but that one time. And the HX35 will go well over 25psi. Mine would hold 28 before I put the adjustable elbow on. Now it will hold between 32-35 psi. I talked to a guy last week from Pennsylvania that claimed to spike 42+ on his HX...who knows
  5. That's incredible! Awesome job keeping up with it and not getting rid of it! Keep 'em turnin!
  6. Is yours an automatic or manual? I thought the automatics had the hy's and the manuals had the hx35...I am not 100% sure though.
  7. My EGT's are not bad either. at 65-75 mph I usually stay b/t 580-610. I have only had mine over 1000 one time and that was pulling.
  8. I have the HX35 w/ adjustable elbow, BHAF(big honkin air filter), a 5 level BD Power box(same as Edge Comp I believe),stage 3 injectors(300 hp), rebuilt 47re tranny, ATS ex manifold,4 in T/B,Holley Blue secondary fuel pump...not really anything spectacular but it runs good for me. There was a guy at Industrial Injection, on the same day I dynoed mine, that almost hit 500 on stock turbo(not exaggerating). My father-in-law has an 01 that dynoed I believe 435 hp with 1000 lbs torque...and the only big difference in our trucks is he has a full blown Suncoast drag tranny and Edge Comp Drag. I have
  9. I was having a similar issue a while back. My FP was around 7-9 psi at idle and would drop 2-3 hauling @$$. I know I may have some guys on here that have had bad luck with them or say they are not made for diesels,which they technically are not,but I will ALWAYS suggest the Holley Blue fuel pump. I bought mine brand new for $71 and changed the fuel filter and have had no problems. I now push 3-4 times as much fp psi. I mounted it to the frame and put it directly in front of the tank. They even make an inline filter if you would want to put between the tank and pump for like $10 at NAPA. I boug
  10. I could tell a very slight difference with the BHF from stock but I mostly love the looks. I do believe 98.5-2000 all have hy35 and auto 01-02 have hy's but 01-02 w/ manual tranny have the hx35. I may have my years messed up with the 2000's...i am just trying to remember what I read.
  11. Hey,I was curious...I have a BD Power box which has levels up to 5-5. It is just like the Edge Comp. I was curious if Edge can make it "hot" like the Comp Drag to keep fueling up to the 3200 rpm range??? I have been told it the same as the Comp but different label because BD Power bought some of these boxes from Edge and slapped their name on them. Does anyone have any idea? Thank y'all
  12. Awesome man. I have the hx35 and i just dynoed two months ago and hit 380 on first run. 402 was my best. They had no torque reader. You can get 350 hp out of that turbo with just a few hundred bucks. As long as you have a GOOD turbo, it will get there if that's what you want. Don't be to discouraged with the hx.
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