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2001 smoke switch on a power puck???

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I just recently installed a power puck on my 2001 Ram...WOW!! what a difference! Frankly its all I need, or can afford. I have however been looking at a lot of posts about smoke switches. There seem to be two different wiring diagrams, One simply jumpers (through a SPST switch) the +5v. to the signal wire, the other seems to say that you need to bypass the fueler box (Edge, Quadzilla...). Does the Power puck qualify as a fueler box, or is more of a glorified boost fooler, and does it need to be bypassed? I've also seen some posts suggesting you wire a 10 ohm, 10 watt, resistor into the jumper wire/switch. has anyone considered installing a rheostat in place of the resistor, thus giving the ability to tune the amount of boost shown? I appreciate any input, thanks.Dan

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