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Cirrus trans stopped transmitting...

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Well you'll recall that I had a garage replace the failed transmission lines. They used rubber lines & super-duper clamps.

Yesterday the transmission stopped transmitting... the trans side of the engine bay was dripping transmission oil I ended up getting a ride home & AAA took the Cirrus back to the garage. I stopped there on my way home today (had doctor's appointment so I took the CTD to be big city. YUCK!!) The shop admitted their line had blown off. I'm hopeful this will be on them. This will be a test of the integrity of the shop.

I know when I was turning wrenches, I never charged for do-overs. Sometimes, we'd find the job we'd done didn't fix it... we'd go on to fix it & sort out the charges in a fair manner after.

They think it'll be done tomorrow.

--- Update to the previous post...

I got the Cirrus back. They didn't want to talk about what went wrong. When I stopped in last night the office mgr said "the hose had blown off but they didn't yet know why". There was no charge. :)

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