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Did you Guys See That Special about the Green Sustainability H.S.?

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Turns out the program is heavily aimed at the college kids. Telling them in the past, we got this country all wrong. Teaching about the guys that were innovative enough, industrialized and developed this country are not the heroes but, bad people. It turns out that already 670 colleges have signed up for this agenda and the EPA is behind it all the way. so this is why we have the protests.... even the information fed to these kids is tantamount to brainwashing said the report, as they read some of the program on the show.So now why do we have less honest hard working folks that sign up for free entitlements today? Spread the wealth? What a bunch of H.S. I say you get rewarded only when you deserve it. I see these young kids act like it's automatically free... normal.... take advantage of another persons posessions and hard work.... not even respect the fact that you worked hard for something. Act like it's theirs to the point of helping themselves to your things without even asking. I've seen this more today than ever.How you gonna have less crime and instill honesty and hard work in this country when these gov't. spongers sit around feeding this stuff to our young kids How can they be like this???? Maybe cause they never worked a hard day in their life.:shrug:

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