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Bad Batteries = No fuel, leads to second problem

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This is Copy and pasted from Cummins Forum, thread I started.

I even called Mike and we talked about it... This is too educate all the if the VOLTAGE is bad, the INJECTION PUMP will not work. This I did not know, but learned. Hope y'all find it helpful in the feature. But I have a question at the end. Please read and info will help.

Two days ago:

Sitting at dq, for a few hours waiting on some guys to meet me. After they left, I went to start my rig. No battery, so got two guys to jump me at same time.

-After a long crank, it seemed to no be getting fuel.

-Cracked lines 1, 3, and 4... then let the raptor 150 bump start run for 30 seconds 2x

- cranked for 30 or so several times, no fuel at all came out of the injectors.

- after all this, im waiting to be picked up by my wife battery Is dead again, Windows wont roll up.

History: (truck has all in my Sig)

- been cranking more than usual to start, thought it was injectors

- fuel press, NEVER below 15 psi, 15-18 hwy speeds ideals @ 18-20.

- injection pump is about two years old and is a S.O.


Well it's in the shop now, they did all tests on the batteries and they where SHOT!!! So, that is where we are now.

It threw codes but not for the VP44, but for the MAP sensor? Not sure about that... So what we are doing now is going to get new Yellow top batteries in there, and for from there.

Good news tho, they got it to run with a good long charge, with no VP codes after that either. So praying its just the batteries.


(At the Shop, info from mechanic)

Well got the truck back, new batteries

NOT a Injection Pump, Thank God.

Check Engine light is on

Codes PO238 and P01475. I know the P 238 is a MAP Sensor voltage is too high reading, the P1475

Aux. 5 Volt Output Too High ... not sure what that means.

So when it drives and the light is on, the truck kinda falls on it's face, just not the same rig. But, when we took off the Edge Comp at the MAP Sensor, and just connected them together, basically taking off the Edge it runs well.

All I can think is when they put the charger on it last night, they first did it to jump the truck, maybe there was a voltage spike and did something to the Edge?

How can I plug in the Edge and get that light to go away and run on the Edge like it was before?

(Home, info from me)

So got it home.

When I got home I did not have the MAP sensor plugged in the Edge. Ran Stock and the Edge would not turn on.

Plugged in the Edge. MAP to Edge harness, Edge Harness to MAP plug in on the block. Then turned on the truck. When the Edge was plugged in the MAP sensor and the truck turned on, the check engine light came on, and the Edge Comp would not turn on!

I didn't have time, or the tools, but I was going to check the fuses. Why would the box not turn on? I am guessing, but is what is throwing that check engine light and those codes? (No codes with the Edge unplugged, and no light) More test after Thanksgiving for fuses and connections.

Question... When the charger was put on the truck last night, highest setting, Start mode, would or could that back feed in the Edge box and fry it?

Something I noticed when the charger was on the truck last night, the Hi beam lights were glowing very dim. They lowered the charger setting and they went off... and there seemed to be a buzzer like noise in the cab... They kept the charger on the truck all night, low setting.

Just trying to see if the Edge box is fried?

The truck was running 100% (except batteries) before all this.

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Hmmm... The only way I know to verify the Edge Comp would be to send it back to Edge products and let them verify it. As for the battery charger yes you have to be careful with them. How it produces more amps is be increasing the voltage typically. Also most battery chargers are noisy as far as AC noise. So if you had bad cable connections to the battery and turn on your key while the charger was on high it could damage things like the Edge Comp. As for if it actually did or not hard telling till you ship back the module to Edge products for testing.Well at least you got some where with the problem. But I would spend some time looking over the elctrical system closely.

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