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Moving for MAUIBUILT - 24V with problems!

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Mike, This is my friends truck that I'm checking out now, he had posted this comment on another forum. (see below).I have a 2002 Dodge ram 2500 diesel that I am pulling a map and iat sensor code on. My mechanic thinks it is the ECM but is not sure. I only have about 1/4 of the pedal and then nothing happens after that. If anyone has had this problem and could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks Mike, I'll have to post this in a series since it has a bunch of info on it.Mike, all this took place before I actually had a chance to do any of the diagnostic testing listed below. This is what happened before I got my hands on this truck. Every one who or where he has drove the truck to and put a scanner this includes mechanics, parts stores and dealership came up with the two codes P0112 & P0237 low voltage from both IAT & MAP sensors componet failure according to the Dealership. Another thing to me of concern is that nobody including the dealership can't clear the check engine light and because I don't have a scanner yet but I performed the on and off with the Ignition key bunch of other codes showed up, (P0117, P0122, P0217, P0251, P0342, P0562, P0606, P1295, P1488, P1693, P0180, P0181, P0215). Why all these codes and no IAT or MAP sensor code now? He already replaced the IAT sensor since that was the cheapest still no change in performance. He has a new MAP sensor on order and should be arriving any day now. I told him that any parts changer can tell you that you need to change this part or another and maybe until it finalIy runs hopefully but then it can get very very costly.I performed voltage checks at the IAT, MAP, and coolant temp sensors and they all have around 5 volts going into them. I don't know what voltages are needed from the sensors going back to the ECM harness or ECM to test them and isolate if this is a defective wiring problem, poor ground, ECM, and or PCM. THESE ARE other symtoms that just started to occur after he drove it home from the dealership.The engine coolant temp gauge started to read max hot and drop right back down to cold, ( I checked that the engine isn't overheating). When you press down on the accellerator the engine coolant temp gauge goes up to max hot and then the engine RPM will drop down till idle then as the coolant temp drops back down to normal then the engine RPMS goes back up. I think the ECM is trying to shut the engine down when it senses the overheating from the Engine coolant temp sensor.This truck has 109,000 miles, K&N air Intake system, exhaust system and FASS lift pump. The VP44 pump was replaced about a year or 2 ago, and lift pump pressure is 15 lbs. at idle and drops till 11 lbs. if you floor it WOT.If anyone out there reading this forum had a similar problem and can help and got it fixed let us know. Mike,Do you know anyone who has the capability of testing out the ECM if I remove it from the truck, or do I just have to purchase a new one then have to take the truck and ECM down to the dealer and have it flashed?Thanks,MAUIBUILT

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