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1990 Dodge D350 engine oil cooler


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I have a 1990 Dodge D350. I am trying to locate an engine oil cooler. I can't find one at any parts store and am having trouble finding one on the web. The problem I am having is I keep getting oil in the water. I thought it was the head gasket so I replaced it, but at an idle with 3 new gallons of delo added after replacing the gasket, within 5 minutes of adding the oil, the oil pressure dropped to nothing. I killed the truck and checked the oil level, it barey registered on the dipstick I added another gallon and started it, same story:banghead:. I was told that a hole in the oil cooler could cause this so I pulled it off and presure tested it. It does have a small hole, an I'm not sure it could cause that big a problem, but am going to try. The part new from the stealership is $750.00:spend:. I don't want to throw that much money on a maybe fix. Anyone know where I can get one a little cheaper?:pray:
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