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  1. stodg73

    Ford CP4's grenadeing themselves...

    Currently under warranty, this mechanic has been doing all our maintenance and has all the records for them, miles are between 150,000 and 8,000 currently. He did not tell me how many miles this happens at. I will talk to him and get some more information.
  2. stodg73

    Ford CP4's grenadeing themselves...

    From our mechanic that we trust.
  3. stodg73

    Ford CP4's grenadeing themselves...

    Just learned that the newer Ford CP4's are grenadeing themselves and taking out the injectors as well with metal fragments. Costing $10,000 plus to fix. There is a solution to use a return line back to the tank and let the shavings then be filtered out by the fuel filter.
  4. stodg73

    Returning to...

    Let me re-introduce myself, my name is Jason, live in SO CO, have had my truck since April 1, 2001, it was manufactured March 17, 2001. All the mods in my signature. Just glad to be back on the forums again. A few things have happened medically wise, now have a bit more time for this.
  5. stodg73

    It died...

    The stock numbers are 245/505, and the NV5600 is the weak spot with the rear bushing. So that is why I don't want to do any high numbers, I want to stay as stock as possible.
  6. stodg73

    It died...

    Well, I am wanting extreme reliability, ease of maintenance, and don't want to have to mess with it ever again. Due to going places that are far from help. Not worried about MPG, as I have propane to help. I want about 250 how and 500 ft/lb of torque, don't want to do the transmission yet, when. That comes, I am wanting a 13 speed...
  7. stodg73

    It died...

    Well.... The options are: HRVP HOVP SOVP PP Lets vote, however I get the final say... MM, I have been lurking since my truck went down, and reading about the swap/replacement of the VP...
  8. Everyone, My truck injection pump died, P0216, now what...
  9. Congratulations on keeping the truck on truckin;.
  10. stodg73

    "Inactive Member Storage".

    This is happening to me as well.
  11. stodg73

    Newbie from Colorado

    I am in Trinidad and have a SMARTY. I will be going to Colorado Springs, May 29, 30, for my wife to run a Marathon. If you would like to meet somewhere close to there...
  12. 112,000 on mine. Just because the Jeep trans went out.
  13. Suggested Upgrades For Diesel Trucks. Here you go.
  14. stodg73

    emisions testing

    If anything, get a SMARTY and put it on half power and you should get through the emissions test.