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  1. Congratulations on keeping the truck on truckin;.
  2. stodg73

    "Inactive Member Storage".

    This is happening to me as well.
  3. stodg73

    Newbie from Colorado

    I am in Trinidad and have a SMARTY. I will be going to Colorado Springs, May 29, 30, for my wife to run a Marathon. If you would like to meet somewhere close to there...
  4. 112,000 on mine. Just because the Jeep trans went out.
  5. Suggested Upgrades For Diesel Trucks. Here you go.
  6. stodg73

    emisions testing

    If anything, get a SMARTY and put it on half power and you should get through the emissions test.
  7. stodg73

    Crown in the Crapper

    You guys need to practice more.......
  8. stodg73

    hello from cali

    Welcome from Southern Colorado!
  9. stodg73

    Holiday Driveway Queen

    Have a look here for mine...
  10. stodg73

    Hello from Colorado

    I will call you when I leave Trinidad. This way, we can see if we can meet up. Stodg
  11. stodg73

    Hello from Colorado

    Hopefully, I will be in the Springs on Dec. 21. We could meet up and I could enable the High Idle Feature.
  12. stodg73

    Hello from Colorado

    I have a SMARTY, and I get to Denver every once in a while. We can enable it easily.
  13. stodg73

    Hello from Colorado

    No worries, I sneak in and post when least expected.....
  14. stodg73

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome from Southern Colorado!