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Update! How is Diesel Fuel Transported and Handled

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I found some interesting document about the way that diesel fuel is shipped and I'm going to share these document with you... http://www.arb.ca.gov/regact/dieslub/notice.pdf <- Some information on how diesel fuel is now shipped. http://www.arb.ca.gov/regact/dieslub/hor.pdf <- More on how diesel fuel is handled. http://www.ncagr.com/standard/diesellub ... r11504.pdf <- How North Carolina is handling diesel fuel. Basically diesel fuel after being refined is well above the 520 HFRR rating which is unacceptable by any standards. So its up to the delivery personal to add the lubricant package to the truck before delivery. Currently I cannot find anything that insures that said delivery of diesel fuel will comply with the HFRR 520 limit. As far I see there is no test of the fuel after its loaded on the truck to insure it is within compliance or if the additive package was even added. Like North Carolina is saying "It is our understanding that currently 40% to 60% of the diesel fuel supply meets the new standard without the addition of a lubricity additive." Now how are we as consumers to be sure that the lubricant package was used when its needed? I'm sure the delivery personal are not testing every truck load of diesel before it delivered to your local fuel station. RAW DIESEL FACTS - BEFORE A ADDITIVE PACKAGE Ultra Low Sulfur #2 Diesel by law cannot contain more than .0015% (15 ppm) of sulfur. This fuel will generally have an HFRR rating of 600-800. Ultra Low Sulfur #1 Diesel by law cannot contain more than .0015% (15 ppm) of sulfur. This fuel will generally have an HFRR rating of 700-900. Remember: 1000 Microns = 0.039369999999999995 Inch As you can see above raw untreated USLD diesel is well outside the range of the 520 HFRR limit. It requires a additive package. But once again the is no regulation that insure that package was added to the truck in proper quantity for that load. Now saying this... I know there isn't a single diesel additive product on the market today that can promise to improve the diesel fuel lubricity below 520 HFRR level! Especially if its untreated diesel fuel with a HFRR value of 700-900!!! Just something to think about when you buying a fuel additive. But I know that 2 cycle oil is reducing that number for sure!

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