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first diesel w/problems

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So i got my first ever owned diesel a 1999 dodge 24v diesel w/ 235k miles on it. It has a bit of troubles here and there. Ive noticed that since I got it for such a steal of a deal so i cant complain about its troubles. But there are a few, first off from roughly 1 1/2k to 2k rpm the tranny seems to have trouble getting up and going it feels like it is slipping, the other day i had it in 4 hi and i was trying to reverse up a hill and it just felt like it was going no where the motor sounds healthy. I know this truck has a lot of power that i am not seeing because of the transmission slipping. Another thing i have encountered is my keyless entry for the truck when i press lock the horn used to buzz for me on second click now for some reason it has stopped doing that. but the bigger issue is the tranny any suggestions. the only error code i am getting is p0380 but that code doesnt have anything to do with the trans. If the trans is slipping wont error codes flash my service light on. My truck also has a k&n cold air set up and i have 4'' exhaust all the way out. those are the only mods i know of. Any help or suggestions are greaty appreciated thx brian

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Well Welcome to the site... First off I suggest you fill in your signature over in the User CP so we know what kind of truck you got. Then as for the dodge Trans they are not the strongest tranny out there as a matter of fact there known to fail rather quickly. So I would start with basics and check the fluid condition and the smell. Have tried to change the ATF fluid? It might be a plugged filter? (guessin') I admit I'm not much of a Auto Trans guy maybe someone will chime in on the trans part and give you a hand. As for the keyless enter that as far as I can find in the FSM books is sole a Dodge dealer flash thing to program functions and such.

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I know a bit about the factory vs. modded vs. REALLY modded transmissions. My factory trans failed after my first performance kit (Banks) in 6000-miles. At this point, the truck had 86K or her. I took the trans to a friend who owns and runs a shop. He rebuilt it to be "bullett proof"... Well, 2000-miles later, I had grey fluid... Another "bullett proof" rebuild later and this time, 3200 later, I was grey again... I was smoking transmissions like Cheech and Chong smoke.. Well, you get the picture. The biggest issues with our transmissions is the factory TQ converter. It's always unlocked until you get upwards of 45-MPH.... Well, to get there with no load, you have created quite a substantial amount of heat. Under a load? Think about how long it takes you to get up to speed with 10-14K behind ya. Throw in an exhaust, a chip and a heavy right foot and you can understand how these things fails so quickly. This heat can't get peeled quickly enough by the stock trans cooler. It sounds like you are getting close to needing a rebuild. Now, there are lots of people that have awesome transmissions, but they also come at an awesome price. If you don't plan on modding much and are looking for longevity, go with a stock rebuild, BUT.... - Get a 2-3 disc TQ converter- Get an aftermarket valve body These two items in themselves will reduce the amount of head being created by your transmission and improve the overall performance, longevity and owner happiness with your rebuild. If you are looking for a turn-key, take a look at some of the vendors on here. I'm an ATS guy, but it's because there was NOBODY else around at the time that had a good name when I took the dive. My transmission is very insane and I don't think I'll be replacing anything in the next 5-10 years. Today, BD, ATS, Gorening (think I spelled this right) and even your local shop can do a good job..... Promote lockup, good fluid flow and reduce heat is the name of the game for our trucks.

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