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idle adjustment

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R #1: The trick that I use was a flat head screw driver and tapped the locknut to the left to loosen it up. Then i took a small peace of clear plastic hose and fit it over the screw to turn the screw up or down. This seemed to work the best for me without pulling everything apart. Good luck, it is frustrating.

R #2: I took a 10mm box end wrench and bent the box end portion at 90 degrees to the rest of it and put it on the lock nut with the handle coming out toward the front of the pump. Then clamped a small pair of vise grips on and that allows enough of a turn on it to loosen and tighten the nut. Adjust idle with a small screwdriver.

R #3: I took the dermal grinder to the end of the idle screw after I got so aggravated at trying to fit the Darn wrench in there to adjust my idle. Oops! It worked though, and I have plenty of adjustment if I ever need to turn it back up.

R #4: A "tubing" wrench will work on the nut, but turning the screw is another matter. You might try a rubber hose slipped over the screw if it isn't too tight.

R #5: I bought the special Cummings wrench for this job and it is still a pain! Once I get the locknut loose the screw will loosen itself (reduce idle) with the engine idling! I use a small jeweler's screw driver to turn the idle UP (engine off to allow progress).

R#6: Tap the edge of the idle lock nut with a flat bladed screw driver to break it free. Once the idle is turned down tap the nut back the other direction to lock it back down.

To loosen and tighten the adjustment locknut

[*]Cornwell Tool wrench P/N 7268 used on a mid 80's ford escort timing belt adjuster works great.

[*]A chainsaw bar wrench works well too.

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