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  1. Taz


  2. Would like to more about that programmerwould like to See some pics of it if I could
  3. I am just want to find out about what programmer would be best for 06 dodge cummins ?
  4. hey there guys just need some help iam using my jake and it locks on and then i dont have any throttle and know my volt gauge on my truck is setting at 10 volts but it starts and runs just fine need some advice ?
  5. hey there hows it going just looking for some good headlights that will go in a 06 dodge cummins ?
  6. so how much can i get for the banks ? so where can i get rid of this banks tuner ? and i i have no idea how much its worth either so would like some help on it if i can please i just dont want to get screwed on it thats all i would like some information and stuff on the Smarty touch with pyro. i have no clue what it does or nothing i hate buying somsthing i have no clue on what it does or how it work and would like some pics and stuff to
  7. I have a 6 speed manuel and injectors are in good shape still
  8. hey there guys i have 3000 too spend on my truck i want to get a programmer and gauges for my truck and what else could i do for that money ?
  9. no none of the lights blink they are bright
  10. i was moving my jake switch to my stick and went to try it and i have power but it does not turn over or nothing just wondring if thats a dead batt. or a blow fuse?
  11. thanks CSM sold the 1st gen yes i love the 2006 so far
  12. hey thanks guys its good to be back in the site i will get more pics of the truck soon know i just need mopar1973man to tune it for me and stuff i will be sell my banks tuner and upgrading to newer and better programmer and tuner No i sold it
  13. heres my new addition of the family lol it a 2006 dodge
  14. looking for a 98 dodge cummins to buy if anybody out there now of any
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