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Why not to park in front of a Fire Hydrant!

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My local areas are rural with the tanker shuttle being standard procedure. The first crew drops an open "tank" (forget what they're correctly called). The local tankers & surrounding mutual aid responds with their tankers. They back up & drop the load & go for a refill. Meanwhile a pumper sets up art the nearest water source. A lot of ponds... from public sources, fire ponds in local streams, even a golf course... have dry hydrants. The pumper refills the tankers as they arrive. Our local station has a "brush truck" pumper... formerly from Shore city of Westerly & has a bronze pump for pumping seawater. The built up areas have city water but sometimes a mix in a given community.Our local fire district volunteers started a trend when they got the new truck with CAFS foam. Such good success all new trucks will have it. Surrounding communities have seen it in action & the equipment is spreading. I know this first truck has front mounted turrets... they can foam a structure before the crew is even off the truck. It has already saved lives.

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