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Coolant temp sender part numbers for refrence

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This past week I had to replace the head gasket on my truck and in the process of removing the head I forgot to unplug the coolant temp sender wire since they hide it so well and ended up breaking the plug off the sender. :doh:

Well I called the parts place in town and they said they had the sender in stock, so I went to get it and when I got there it was the completely wrong one even though its what the computer was saying is used on the cummins. I did some searching then when I got home and got the cummins part number and managed to get a bunch of other part numbers for it rounded up as well so I just thought I would post them all here in case anybody else ever needs to get one of these senders you can get the right one the first time! :thumb1:

[*]Cummins # 3920363

[*]Mopar # 4720314

[*]Napa # TS6681

[*]Autozone # TU276

[*]Advanced auto # WT426 (BWD brand) and # TU276 (Wells brand)

[*]Rock auto # TS382

[*]AC Delco # 2131116

[*]O'Reilly's # WT426

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You aren't the only one to do that........... I got a NAPA replacement (went through the same as you getting the wrong one) but the gauge would only read about 140* warm. I glued my old one back together and put it back in. It worked just like before (that was a couple of years ago), but now with the cooler weather it only shows 160* max and is steady as a rock even though it didn't do that before.

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