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Truck in sig has a slight (mili sec) cut out, pause, on sllloooww deceleration when manually manipulating the throttle cable. Just noticed it today. I was slowly revving engine, listening for a ex manifold leak and noticed when I reved engine up tp 1500rpm then very slowly let the throttle return to idle there was a dead spot round 1200rpm. Could not duplicate it going fast, or while driving. Any Clue, should I be concerned? Yes I do have a pin hole ex manifold leak on #3. Only audible @ idle and visible by the blowby between head and manifold...


Up date,,, no codes and TPS 1yr old and tested good. Sprayed linkage.Still have the dead spot!! I have crawled all over that engine the last 2yr & never noticed it. I believe the throttle/injector pump problem is new one on me.. In the past yr I replaced ALL fuel Lines & oversized banjo fittings from tank to pump.

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Any error codes?

Do you have access to live data tool like a ScanGauge II? I would check the TPS signal for a drop out or use a DVM against the APPS sensor checking for a voltage drop or sudden change.

None of that would have anything to do with this problem on a 12v, TPS is only used for the auto trans and there is no APPS.

Maybe the throttle cable/linkage has a spot where it sticks little, you could try spraying it up with some lube and see if that helps at all.

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