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Dual Valve Spring Install


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Hey all. I am new to this forum. I am currently depoyed and tried to do some searches to find a how to on Valve Springs install but the connection here is crap and I couldn't find squat. I'm buying parts for a 2ng Gen Swap on my 08 Ram 3500 6.7l Cummins. I plan on an II BOP and 75hp nozzles along with the S467 and 2nd Gen mani and head studs. When I do the head studs and nozzles I want to install dual valve springs and push tubes. Has anyone seen a write up on the valve springs for a 3rd gen 6.7l cummins? Not sure if I have to cycle through the cylinders. Pretty new to a valve spring install. Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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No, I was just saying the writeup for the valve springs is for a 5.9l. I'm hoping the valve spring install for a 6.7l is similar.

Guess I mis understood your post. Sorry. Yes, the springs are very similar.

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