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Dana 70 Disc, And Dana 70 Drum Problems?

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I have two axles that I am considering changing the internals from one to another


1. I have a Dana 70 2u (factory disc) that I picked up the other day, and it is trashed as far the internals go.


2.  My good Dana 70 2u (drum)  has about 300k on the clock, and its in good shape from the operational standpoint.


Is the disc worth building, and having under the truck? It will take quite a bit of steaming all the metal out of the axle to get it to where it will be safe to run the axle long-term.  Another thing I have considered is removing the flanges via cutting them off and putting the disc flange on the drum axle( minus the drum flange).


I look forward to any input!

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What do you have for a rig, fill out your sig to help us better serve you.


My vote is to look for a Dana 80 disc and scrap the D70 Idea. If set on the D70 definitely go with the disc.

They are not bad to clean out the housing with a few cans of brake cleaner, do not modify any housings when you have a good one already.

Now is the time to install a good Limited slip unit while it is apart as well.

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i was under the impression that dana 80's went on the diesels and the dana 70's went on the gassers for the years of 98-02. please correct me if i am wrong. also having a 2wheel drive truck, i love having the limited slip in my dana 80...but i do wear the tires out faster on the rear.

i think if you change from factory drums to discs, then you have to change the master cylinder. if memory serves, drums work on pressure, and discs work on volume of flow. so you would need a cylinder matched to you application.

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