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storm 'chasers'

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We got  pounded last night again,  and   Weather Channel   was  present  to document  'live'.


I really have  mixed  feelings about these   guys,  and  the  way they   present  their  findings

On  one hand,    people  can see  first hand  the  destructiveness   of  tornadoes,  and  the  seriousness  of  seeking shelter.

On the  other hand,     there are  waaaay too  many   'wannabees'    looking  to be the  next   youtube  phenom.

last summer,  a  'team'  from  WC  was  killed.   Oh,    It  was   such  a  'tragedy',  they  played  that  out for a week!    Duh,    I was  taught  as  a  baby to seek shelter!    


Last night,   Stanton, Ne.  and  Pilger  Ne.    were   hit   and   it  looks  bad...       and   sure  enough,    on the  Weather  Channel's   scrolling bar  across the  bottom of the  tv  screen,   said:

"Cows  on  highway,  wouldn't allow   storm chasers  to pass".

........aw,  too bad....

These  are   feedlot  heavy  areas,   I can't imagine  the  mayhem of   thousands  and  thousands  of  loose  cattle,  and    the loss of   life  and  property  is  going to  be high on this one.

They've  'romanticized,  glorified,  spectacled  natural  disasters'    soo  much  have  they  taken  the   'fear factor'  out of  the  seriousness??

Not to mention  the   gawkers   that  may impede  the  rescue crews  trying to  get out  and  help!

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I know what you mean..... they commercialize every single aspect of storms just to increase the ratings on the amount they are paid for showing commercials.


It ends up being embellishment over and over.


It's shame when every story is treated as just another way to collect more money.

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