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Moving a refridgerator... great fun!


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Dear Daughter got a FREE refridgerator from an Uncle Billy who is moving.  Nice side by side...  huge.  Although I'm clearly not able to do any of the hefting, I volunterered to be transprtation officer with Cummins & landscape trailer. 

I hung a U turn in Uncle Billy's cull-de-sac, straigtened the rig out & backed right up to the refridgerator outside the garage.  

I had adviced DDaughter to rent a refridgerator hand truck from U-Haul which was done.  I was concerned about the expander metal on the trailer ramp but we laid plywood over it & a couple of strong guys rolled it right on. 

I'd given the tieing down a lot of thought.  I'd have liked the load over the axle but there was nothing to keep it up-right.  I felt the risk of it getting loose & tipping over on a pothole was just too great.  We secured it to the upraised ramp with a 2" ratchet strap.  Added a couple of 1" straps for bonus & another over the top. 

Before leaving home, I had my wife get our water jugs, 5 gallons each...  8 I think...  a row across the front of the trailer & strapped down for counter weight.  320# if my calulations are correct.  (When we traveled with horses, we trucked plenty of water...  also much use at encampments.)   

On her narrow older neighborhood street, I had to go by her driveway & turn around by backing into a neighbor's (nice wide) drive...  Then pulled past & backed into her angled drive pretty easily.   

The neighbor, across the street, came over with his strong son to help & the fridge was soon off the trailer, up 4 steps onto her porch, turn & up 2 steps into her front door... & into her kitchen.  I stayed out of the way. 


I am shopping, starting today, for more HD ratchet straps.  A truck is only half a truck without necessary equipment.  I will not buy a strap with out putting my fingers on the fabric.  I've had flimsy straps chafe through in a single use...  The cleap ones in sealed packages.     

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Having decent straps makes a world of difference. I am slowly replacing all of my straps with decent 2in wide straps or 1in wide as long as they are rated for at least 1000 lbs. Ancra makes some really decent straps and are very easy for me to get being as they are a vender for the company I work for.

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I ended up making a sizable order at https://www.ratchetstraps.com/home/

I bought (4) 2" x 15 on a closeout @ $7.99 with a ring end & a closed snap.  I'll use a steel carbiner or an anchor 'screw shackle' on the ring when needed.  I only have the one 2" x 20' ratchet strap in about new condition...  I used on the refridgerator...  so these will be additional.   

I ordered (4) 1" x 15 ratchet straps with ordinary S hook ends on close out @ $4.99...  just couldn't pass up a great bargain.

I special ordered (8) 1" x 15 with safety latch S hook ends @ $6.95.   I am very tired of tie downs unhooking themselves while i'm working (alone) on the other end.  Straps with a catch or safety latch are seemingly hard to find.  

All straps seem to have decent strength ratings, far in excess of my needs..

     The place has a high (I thought) initial shipping charge with very small increases for additional items.  I really HATE that!  Total shipping was $21.81.  :(   I made the purchase because I wanted the straps with the safety catch ends.

     They also offer replacement parts if you have damaged ratchet straps.  Only replace the part which is broke, they say!  Might be true of HD straps but not cheap ones.   

     I'm planning all new straps on the truck...  I still have use for some flimsy straps inside the toyhauler where things can't fall overboard!    


Surprised no one commented on my ballast...      


Hot day today did NOT agree with my MS...  I went back out later, situated the trailer & unhooked. 

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UPS showed up with a package as we were eatting dinner...  wifee ran out to accept package.  She says what did you order that weights 50#.  :)   Ratchet straps.  50 pounds of ratchet straps...   OK, equipped now!  Possibly lifetime supply. 

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A little different than I expected but certainly heavy duty.  The webbing Is easily 2X the weight of better grade Home Store straps.  The ratchet mechanism is beefed up as well.  The handle on the 2" ratchet is 7" Center to Center  All metal is yellowish plated...  SS was available but I'm not hauling a show bike/car.  I figured they'd rarely be exposed to weather.    


Wife complained they don't have the silly rubber pieces the consumer grade do...  and which ussually end up on the ground on the second use. 

I really like the 1" with the hook ends with a retainer.   

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