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Any help is appreciated ...

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When I married my wife, I had the honor of meeting her Uncle and from day one, (actually within the first three hours) we had argument. Got to the point over the years we argued over almost everything. Not really arguments, but deep down discussions that would drive our wives crazy. Fact is, over the years they got to enjoy them sometimes and joined in. Became a game with us. The gentleman recently passed (age 90) and a special part of my life ended. His wife said the last time we visited that towards his end, he told her that he will miss 3 things, her, the kids and our 'discussions’. It spurred his circulatory system up to no end knowing I will always go with the opposite side just to get the heart rate up, even though I might agree with him at the beginning. I do miss him … AND our so call discussions.
But one last thing he did was give me, special to him, a truck. It’s nothing special, except he loved it. It’s a 2004 Dodge Dakota Extended Cab SXT 3.7 5 speed (55,280 actual miles on the clock). As I said nothing special, totally stock, no real extras. The only thing he had added to it in after market items was a Rhino Bed Liner. I really don’t need it and not sure what to do with it, but I intend to keep it no matter what. 
Now my problem. I found Haynes and Chilton Manuals so far, but don’t really like them. Seeing it’s 10 years old, I am having problems finding the Dodge shop manual. Can find most every year Ram shop manuals for free out there, but not the Dakota. A guy was going to sell me a Dakota manual on CD, but before I paid him, we took a cruise through it and found it was a 04 Ram manual. Not such a good fit. I’m cautious of buying through eBay and such, with this past issue. Heck, I have the 04 Ram manual already. I have yet to check with Dodge, I know it will be less than 200, but it will be right. The dealer is always the last ditch effort for me.
Does anyone know where I can get an actual shop manual for it in a PDF version ? Checked on the internet for the last 5 days and going cross eyed from doing that. 
Any help is appreciated. 
(forgot to put a picture of her in here. This is how she looked when I got her)


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Thanks Tom,

When I tried the 1st one, it sent off all the belles and whistles with my virus program on my Mac, never seen that before, Might try it on an old windows computer I have downstairs for safety. 

The second one looks promising, but when reading through the information, it doesn't list the 3.7 engine. Got an email going to them to verify it covers it.

I like the truck, but I now see that this color is going to bother me like when I owned a black 'stang years ago.

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