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Awesome deal on firewood

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Soft as that stuff is I would think you are going to go through quite a bit to keep warm!


I've got Red Fir in the middle of my pile this is reserve wood for the just in case. As for going through it doesn't bother me as long as I'm not on the roof stuff a chimney brush in the middle of the winter. Red Fir is a higher BTU wood but way too hot for the hot most of the time. So you end up choking the air down till its smoldering and condensing tar in the chimney. This why a lighter wood is desired for the early fall of the year is lower in BTU's it will tolerate being choked down without taring the stack up. Like a diesel if you chimney is smoking your not burning efficiently need to turn the air up just a bit more till it stops smoking. Now here you are again with high BTU firewood and 80-85*F inside and miserable. This is fine in the middle of winter when the minus numbers come load it up with the high BTU wood (red fir) and turn it up.

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