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motorized fishing shack


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Yeah if you want to fitness full blown redneck ingenuity any body of ice with fish will have plenty of this sort of thing of some sort on it around here, amazing what kind of crazy ideas folks come up with when it comes to ice fishing shacks. :wow:


The craziest though are the guys who buy $20-30K Ice castles and drag them out on the ice, these things are nicer than a lot of high end campers, no way I would drag that kind of coin out onto the ice but there are a ton of them around here, guys use them as campers in the summer and hunting shacks in the fall so as long as they are using them I guess its all ok but I just personally would not drag one out on the ice.




This one is built 20 miles from my house and I know the family who builds them, they are a bit more realistic that the ice castle.



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