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  1. hodag56


    Like I said I wish I would have rebuilt my original box,, instead of getting a rebuilt one from, NAPA They had a sale on them when I got the first one with a life time warranty. This box had unequal pressure right to left, So I was pretty well screwed I just figured I would get another box and it would be okay, but it was worse than the first one. This box had return to .center problems. I'm to darn old to be putting in steering .boxes.
  2. hodag56


    According to my 2002 Doge full service manual there are 24 balls in 12 silver and 12 black. I have heard of other numbers also. Someone said that the number of balls determines the turning ratio. Is that true?
  3. hodag56


    I don't care what the box was for. If you look at his website he does a lot more than replace seals and o rings. He has a ten step process according to his web site, There was a lot more the play in that box, it had memory steer (steering wheel wouldn't return to center after turn ) steering was not smooth . Mike I think you are smart to rebuild you original box. I wish I would have done that, instead of getting a box from NAPA. It seems to me Tyler said he has went thru 3 NAPA boxes.
  4. hodag56


    Two months ago I put in a new track bar, drag link tie rod end replaced all the ball joints. When I took It to an alignment shop they couldn't align it because of all the play in the box. I just got tired of messing with NAPA.
  5. hodag56


    I' ll let you know but so far so good . I let my son drive it today and he said it drove like a different truck.
  6. hodag56


    Just got my Blue-Top steering box installed, my truck drives like it drove when it was new. I would recommend that rebuilt box to anyone who needs a 2nd gen steering box. I guess you pay for what you get.
  7. hodag56


    The problem that happens once you start down the aftermarket parts house lifetime warranty road you are kinda locked in to keep going back to them, unless you want to bite the bullet and eat the coast of a custom builder i.e. Borggeson, Redhead, Bluetop box. After awhile you just get tired of same old steering problems, two or thee months after you put one of there cheap boxes in. I'm getting to old to be doing this, I'm 78 and I feel it holding p that box getting bolts started and hoses hooked up.
  8. hodag56


    After replacing my original box because of leaks and a bad bearing on the pitman shaft with a napa box ,I wish I would have rebuilt my original box .Even though those rebuilt boxes are warranteed doesn't mean they are not defective. I have gone though 3 of those and yet to find one that lasts. I just ordered a Blue top box from Ryan in Stanton N.D .I'll let you know how it turns out.
  9. hodag56

    OBDLink and Azpen Tablet

    Looks like I need to get rid of my scan2 gauge and buy me another toy. Thanks for the video, Mike.
  10. hodag56

    Charging Issues

    Thanks Mike I just found out they were hooked on to another vehicle , Could that have caused a polarity issue?
  11. hodag56

    Charging Issues

    I have a question on a charging issue. My son borrowed my truck to pull his 28 ft. trailer to go elk hunting, he got it stuck 12 inches of snow up on the Mogollon rim and had to use my winch to get out. my winch is powered by my passenger side battery and is protected by 50 amp. breaker. With the engine running he engaged the winch and the voltage gauge in the dash dropped to 8 volts My scan2 gauge was showing between 13.2 and 14 volts while this as going on. The abs light and CEL came on and stayed on even after the winch was disconnected . The winch worked normal so I don't believe there is a problem with it. After driving 10 miles every thing but the abs light cleared. Yesterday after a couple of miles all the warning lights were cleared. He is still up there so I haven't had a chance to check for codes. Does this sound like a bad ground issue? I've used this winch before and never had a issue .
  12. hodag56

    Pyrometers install

    Me too, after my glowshit gauges.
  13. hodag56

    need help on engine dying

    I had a similar problem 2yrs. ago, it turned out to be the power to the lift pump from the ecm was intermitantly shutting off as soon as the engine warmed .If you have a away to test that while driving you would be able to see if that's what it is .Eventually my power to the lift pump quit , and I had to have my ecm rebuilt. If you think that's what it is you might find another ecm and see if that works .I think I had a bunch of codes when mine went out. Good luck those intermitant problems are the hardest to diagnose. Make sure you find a reputable rebuilder because there are a lot of bad ones out there.