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  1. leon


  2. Will wheels from a 2011 3500 dually fit on a 1999 3500 dually? Cant find anything on the web regarding this. I would be going from a 16” wheel to a 17” wheel.
  3. leon


    Yes, 47re. I have an auto tranny. So you're saying that a tuner AND larger injectors will slip the transmission.
  4. I should clarify, it seems the center cap is available with the Ram emblem. The simulator/skin/hub cap/wheel cover (I've learned all these names are applicable!) for my dually is non existent unless I pat the stealership $380!! I was hoping there was an alternative.
  5. leon

    4x4 light

    Mine doesn't come on either, but I'm assuming it's because the 4wd isn't engaging, most likely due to vacuum leakage. I do know the transfer case engages though it shifts in to 4L, just no pull from front tires.
  6. So I was all set to give my girl a little more pep, and hopefully gain a few MPG's. My plan was to go with the rv275's but poking around here I saw a post from someone who got 60-75 hp injectors as an upgrade to a stock truck over the rv275's. My truck is bone stock, with an Air Dog 165 and new vp44 recently added. I seriously doubt I will ever put a tuner on the truck, so which injectors should I go with? She's got 330k on the clock and I'm afraid to do "too much" in fear of tearing something else up. Should I stick the original plan and get the rv275's or something a little larger?
  7. Looks like they run $800. I figured a grand.
  8. I'm missing my front wheel cover for my 1999 3500 dually and can't seem to find one anywhere on the web. Sites are full of after market, one piece wheel cover and lug center cap, but no OEM replacement. One local stealership wants $500 and another $380! Anybody got any suggestions?
  9. This will be most likely my next big purchase, since VP has been done. Only indictor of it going bad is slow WTS, other than that no problems.
  10. Holy crap, you hit the nail (or in this case screw) on the head!!! I just got home from my buddy's house and that is EXACTLY what we found this evening. I put the truck under a load, and he looked all over the intake and turbo hoses. Then his hand passed over an intake bolt hole and BAM, there it was. The "pop" we heard tustve been the screw hitting the hood. Nice call MoparMan!
  11. Well, I just heard something break/pop and now instead of a whistle I hear a lot of air during the same acceleration. Hopefully it will be easier to locate now. I just hope she doesn't leave me stranded before I can get her home.
  12. Well I videoed the whistle today in anticipation of posting here but it tells me I'm only allowed 25mb in size. I have no idea how to make it smaller, even though it's only 13 seconds long.
  13. I did not dripley, and truthfully didn't know anything about that.
  14. So I replaced the permatex he put on in lieu of having an intake gasket, with a new intake gasket and new heater grid gasket and the whine has not gone away. The truck has to be under a load and spooled up around 2k rpms for it to whine, but man is it loud. It really seems to be coming from the drivers side, so I guess I'm gonna start replacing CAC hoses to see if one of them has a pin hole. I tried coating them with WINDEX then stood on the brake while spooling it up to 2k rpms and had a buddy look for bubbles but that didn't work. It's really hard to hear under the hood with the truck revved that loud, but you can dang sure hear it in the cab. If I knew how to post a vid I'd take a vid with my phone and post it here so y'all could hear it. On another note, initial throttle response takes about half a peddle before any real acceleration. Seemed like pre vp change just tapping the peddle revved the engine, now there seems to be some lag like my 12v. But she dang sure runs better than before, other than the above.