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  • How to Replace a Power Steering Gear Box

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    How to Replace a Power Steering Gear Box

    OK first, when removing the pitman arm, don't worry about marking it so you can put it on the same way. It's splined and can only go on 4 ways.



    First step, remove the pitman arm nut, it's a 32mm if I remember correctly. Then install your puller, make sure to grease it up plenty. I made my own but I'm pretty sure Harbor Freight has one for a decent price. Just make sure to use it within 89 days of buying it!


    After soaking it for a week in PB blaster, giving it a fresh shot every day. And then fighting that thing for a few hours putting over 2500lb's of pressure trying to get it off, I found a simple trick. I removed the 4 15mm bolts holding the sway bar in place, torqued the puller to 135lb's, and gave it 3 good whacks in this spot with a BFH. Then it came right off. Just be careful not to hit the box, so maybe a BFH's little cousin would be a better choice.

    Then to remove the steering shaft. If you turn the steering wheel so the top is facing the passengers door, the bolt (13mm) should be fairly easy to get to.

    After you get that, remove the power steering fluid lines from the box, they are 18mm, If you're anything like me and wait for the box to blow up and loose all it's oil, then you don't have to worry about any oil wanting to leak out! otherwise, just put an oil pan under it and open both lines up and let it drain. I was able to go from the bottom and get the lines off fairly easily. But I've heard of some waiting to take them off til after the mounting bolts, and then just use a jack stand to suport the box until you get them off.


    Then for the 3 mounting bolts, super simple, don't know what metric size they are, but a 13/16" is nice and snug so I just used it.


    To ensure no mistakes were made, this was all done under the supervision of a highly trained professional!


    Also, if you're like me and don't jack up the front end, when you reinstall the box, hook everything up, except the pitman arm, fill it with oil and turn it from lock to lock, top off the oil, lock to lock, top off the oil, lock to lock, and then hook it up, that way you don't have to drag the tires across the ground with manual steering to fill the new box with oil. But I would still take it for a short drive and top it off again once it cools down.


    If you have any further questions, please feel welcome to ask them on the Mopar1973Man Forum.

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    Very well written covering all aspects. Nice article!

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    Very good article. Matched up to my 02 perfectly. Much simpler than I thought.

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