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    <<For a List of vendors who have supplied junk parts or didn't stand behind their products....see the bottom of the article.>>
    pepsi71ocean here. I decided to finally write this article up after another round of people with issues with reman companies.  So a while ago back in 10/2015 I shorted out my PCM with a botched rebuild on my Alternator(I forgot to add a sealing washer!)  As a result, after replacing the defective alternator I still had no charging on the alternator. I went hunting for a re builder for my PCM. I was quoted almost $800 for a new blank from Dodge, and that didn't include programming.  A friend of mine on Facebook who runs a Diesel Rebuild shop in the Midwest forwarded me this company here.


    <<List of Verified and Reliable PCM/ECM Re-builders>>
    I have put the company in table format, but If you have another one you used then message me and I'll add the Info. 


    Verified Re-builder



    Number of Rebuilds


    1. Autocomputer Specialist





    2. Diesel System Services





    3. Reman Auto Electronics





    4. Crites Car Computers <pending clarification>





    5. ECM Repair 1 http://www.ecmrepairs.com/ 1-800-737-0915 3 ECM-ABS?
    6. SIA Electric http://siaelec.com/ 1-800-737-0915 1 ECM


    1. AUTOCOMPUTER SPECIALIST: I was referred to them by my friend Stanley. In the end I believe the price for the rebuild was about $350. I called them, they emailed me the form to fill out with a brief description of the problem, then shipped my PCM to them. And when they opened it up they also sent me a photo and let me know what the issue was. Now they also gave me the list of possible wire issues, but I also knew that I was almost sure it was a botched alternator rebuild that I did on the one NAPA alternator.  Here is the photo they sent me below.  Total Turn time for me was 5 days and that included the shipping to and from their place in Florida. 



    To date I have approximately 30,000 miles, and 4 years on this rebuild. 
    To date I know of 4 other Dodge Cummins trucks running rebuild PCM's Although Stanley said he has sent out a dozen PCM/ECM's to them over time for customers from his shop, and that includes some medium duty stuff.


    2. Diesel System Services: Referred by mopar1973member Bobalos. Main contact at DSS is Steven Bruce.. He used to work for Cummins. Member has verified ECM still runs.


    3. Reman Auto Electronics:  Referred by mopar1973member GSP7. Reman Auto Electronics is a subsidiary of Flight Systems Electronics Group. Recommendation by Cummins Fleet Mechanic as well.


    4. Crites Car Computers: Referred by mopar1973member Ho$$. Currently I am seeing confirmation that it is not Crites Core Company, Inc.


    5. ECM Repair 1: Referred by CumminsForum member indy1k, and


    6. SIA Electric: Referred by CumminsForum member chansey



    NOTES: If you do send me a company, name the number of miles/years you have on your rebuild, and if they were easy to work with or not. If you could a short summary would be good as well. 




    <<From here below is a list of vendors who have failed to supply good product, or didn't stand behind their product>>
    Below here is a list of Vendors/re builders that have supplied problematic rebuilds, and have not made attempts to rectify the problem.  I didn't have to do much searching online to discover lists of complaints. 









    More then one 1

    All Computer Resources(FL)



    1-1(one guy bought here who didn't have issue)

    Automotive Scientific Inc.




    Carcomputer Exchange




    A-1 Cardone http://www.cardone.com/ 1-888-280-8324 6

    Auto Computer Exchange

    1-800-680-4275 3



    All Computer Resources(FL): One member has bought from here with no issue as of 12/16/2018. However they still have one negative review.




    I hope this list will help people avoid a potential nightmare in dealing with computer issues in the future.


    UPDATED 01/19/2019 by John Armstrong Jr.

    Revision 2.1

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    Auto Computer Specialist took care of me properly. They opened the PCM and looked it over and supplied me photos of the damage. They condemned my PCM and had a new PCM ready to go shortly afterwards. These people are wonderful to work with and well worth the phone call to have them take care of your ECM or PCM repairs. 




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    "mike jones"

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    STAY AWAY from car computer exchange at all cost!!! hand delivered a PCM there, called back 2-3 days like they requested only to be put on hold and ignored. Went back in person only to be ignored in person, not even acknowledged at all while I stood in their office (at this point I have read all the horrible reviews and know without a doubt I have been screwed). Well today, nearly 6 months to the day of the PCM being dropped off I get a call wanting to know "if I still want to do business" and that my "PCU tested fine" and "for $100.00 I can get my PCU back". So, I went back got my PCM in my hand said a smiling "Thank You" and walked right out. Now, my PCM is damaged/bent at the corners where the screws hold the 2 pieces together and also missing 2 of the screws. So, that is my experience with car computer exchange. I advise to stay away from them at all cost. 

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    Excellent information Pepsi, thank you

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    Auto Computer Specialist



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    I've been dealing with Autocomputer Specialists due to the above ranking. I initially called them Monday the 19th of October and ordered a new ECU because mine went bad. I ordered from them instead of sending in my computer to repair, as the repair is time sensitive. I'm advised on Monday by Daisey that 1-3 day turnaround and then it will ship. I called back Wednesday the 21st (Spoke to "D") and was advised that they had just gotten the unit from their distributer and they were going to charge me, $300 that day. Supposed to ship by Friday and to await an email. Friday the 25th at 4:30 local time (Spoke to "D" again) I call them again because I hadn't received an update. He states that they will not be shipping it that day, but he would overnight it due to the trouble. Monday the 26th at 5:20 local time (Spoke to "D" again) I call to find out something, he tells me they just got the unit in and will probably ship Wednesday. I ask D why he told me Friday that it would ship that day, he places me on hold until 5:35 and then hangs up. Today the 27th I received an email, stating they had emailed me previously about the delay. I look at the email, and it's obvious that they copied someone else's email and then changed a few parts. 


    Avoid this place at all costs. I have a feeling I will have to file a BBB complaint for fraud, all while still not moving toward having my car fixed. Included is the email, where you can see the edit they made and how this is not an email that was sent to me.


    <a href="https://ibb.co/SvgQvYm"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/YjSDjnd/Faked-Email.png" alt="Faked-Email" border="0"></a>


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    Also stay away from Auto Module Source https://www.automodulesource.com/ams-contact-us.html


    They are the same company as Auto Computer Exchange and gave us the run around with ecms for an 02 cummins for a year. blaming the problem on our wiring, and then eventually after we spent hours testing said they can fix it. so we send them their computer back and they send us the same computer with nothing changed same issue. Finally got them to send a computer first, then sent them theirs to ensure we get a different unit. Previous problems now fixed and the truck is somewhat drivable, however the crank signal to the PCM dies occasionally, verified this loss at the ecm connector so it is not a wiring issue. they now refuse to help and we are out 1000$. Going with crites as he was helpful over the phone. will report back with the results.

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    after reading this vendor referral I decided to go with a company that is not on this list I went with Mintt engine control module as they were new and seemed promising ill keep you guys updated  https://mintt.com/.  Nothing but great things to say about this company 

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    One week after installing repaired ECM on my stock 1999 2500, everything is great at this early stage.  I went with

    https://autocomputerspecialist.com/  after reading this vendor referral.  Nothing but great things to say about this company and it's communication with the customer.  After describing my problems to the company rep on the phone (delayed / no Wait To Start light, lost lift pump power supply, and engine cranked and had race car cam lope at idle then die 15 or 20 seconds, and dead fuel pedal), the rep talked me into a repair rather than a purchase, saving about $300.00.  Total cost after I shipped to them was $315.00.  Replacement cost was quoted at $600.00, which they had in stock.  Turn around time was about 5 days from me to them, and them to me.  Highly recommend this company.

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