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  2. Forgot to update this.. sorry guys. Called Edge and they confirmed it's too old to repair (it actually didn't even have a serial number sticker.. must have fallen/rubbed off). They offered to let me send it in and upgrade to an Edge Comp for $233!
  3. Thanks guys - I'll give Edge a call and see what they say. I'm also going to try contacting the guy who sold it to me and see if he'll take it back and give me my money back... but I highly doubt it. That's one thing about buying used on Classifieds sites.. "buyer beware". Tried to save myself some money buying used.. if I have to send it back to Edge for $200 plus shipping and US to Canadian exchange rate.. I'm going to end up at the point where I could have just bought a new one. Then... if I'm in for $400.. I might as well just save the extra $175 and get the Comp. Oh well.
  4. Hey guys, Well I went ahead and bought that used Edge EZ off Kijiji for $150. Put it on Friday night.. and I THINK it was working.. although there definitely wasn't a night and day difference. Ran fine yesterday the couple times I took the truck out.. then tonight, when I was driving my son to soccer, I was braking for a red light and the truck surged for a second on it's own. When the light turned green I went to accelerate and there was no throttle response at all.. it was just idling. I put it in neutral and it started to slowly idle up again on it's own - but still a dead pedal..
  5. Anything to be afraid of with purchasing the Edge EZ used? I'm assuming since it's plug & play it either works or it doesn't.. I would imagine that a 65hp/180tq gain is easy to feel when driving? I'm thinking I'll install the thing and get buddy to go for a drive with me before I buy..?
  6. Hey guys, Two things... I currently have a Raptor 100 on the truck with the full half inch hoses all the way from the tank to the VP. If it dies (not saying "when" because I'm trying to be positive), I eventually want to replace it with a FASS 95.. so I'm curious if I can just buy the pump and not the whole "kit". Does the FASS use the same quick connect fittings? In other words, will it just be a matter of unplugging/unbolting the Raptor and bolting/plugging in the FASS and running the new power lines? Also.. I found a guy not too far away that's selling an older Edge EZ for $2
  7. Does anyone have any pics of this dash cover installed? Is it really obvious? I'm a bit OCD with the looks of my truck...
  8. Hey guys, Just going to do the crankcase vent mod and I'm wondering whether or not you guys have glued your joints, or just pushed them together? I'm assuming "slip fitting" means you just slip them together and friction does the rest.. but figured I'd better double check. Thanks!
  9. Yeah 1/2" lines all the way from the tank to the VP44 now.. it was pretty funny in hindsight!
  10. Thanks guys! It ended up being the isolator after all. It didn't come with any instructions, so I just bled the air on both sides and put it together. When I started reading up on it I found some instructions about pushing the diaphragm inside back with the eraser end of a pencil after bleeding the air on the fuel side. I hadn't done that.. so the diaphragm had moved up and was pushed completely against the 'out' port on the fuel pressure gauge side. I tried to remove the isolator out of the picture completely, but I don't have the correct fittings. So I took it all apart and re-di
  11. I do have a needle valve installed - so I'm good there. Is there any danger in running the standard translucent white tubing for awhile until I can find the black stuff?
  12. Interesting... I am running the isolator actually. I'll take it out of the picture tonight and see if it makes a difference. I've read that you shouldn't run diesel directly into the cab, but I've also read that quite a few do it, and have never had any issues..
  13. Good to know. I appreciate your input on the last couple threads I've posted - thanks! I had done a bunch of research 2 years ago before going with the Raptor.. I knew it wasn't the BEST solution, but reviews seemed to be pretty decent, so I figured it would get me by until I could save up for something better. I'm hoping that's still the case. By the sounds of things, I just got a lemon. I've seen quite a number of people here - and on cumminsforum - that have had good results with them.
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