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  1. Check your steering shaft after replacing mine a few months ago it changed everything, dont buy the cheap ones
  2. Another thing is check all mounting brackets for any cracks along the welds , had to reweld all my control arm brackets last year.
  3. Thats what im planning on doing, tappet cover isnt hard at all to do. Ive done it on other trucks many times
  4. I decided im going swap out the PS pump, since i was planning on doing to tappet cover gasket anyway
  5. I swapped my ram over to disc brakes 3months ago I also replaced the Master Cylinder and Hydro booster and replaced all the lines, calipers, rotors and pads at the same time . After a week the hydrobooster blew out the accumulator seal and I lost all my power steering fluid in about 2mins. I warrantied it out and replaced it and I couldn't get a good pedal what so ever ,so I bought a oem master and hydrobooster. I installed them yesterday and I still can get a good pedal after bleeding it. If I pump the brakes a few times it has full power but after driving it a few feet afterwards it loses p
  6. I haven't got them in yet still waiting for everything to get delivered
  7. Ive done the Wiring Mod and that cured my surging issue for 6months. 3months ago I had to park the truck since the HydroBooster went out and ive had bad experiences with part store boosters. So I ordered one from mopar that took forever. I finally got it going again today and it started surging immediately I tried doing a apps reset with no luck. I went ahead and ordered all new cables, terminal ends, and batteries to try to remedy it. Is there anything else I should try while im at it?


  9. I did this Wiring Mod but im still experiencing issues, what would you do next?
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