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  1. im in the process of takin out the pump because its really makin me mad and when i had the truck a runnin i had to put oil in it everytime i turned around and that was alot of moo-law, i looked for a governor assembly gasket and i couldnt find one or im lookin at the wrong places for it, but i was thinkin too couldnt you get some gray silacone and put on it because ive heard that the gray silacone wont dissolve in contact with oil? then also im goin to fix it up and hopefully sale and fix up a 96' dually
  2. i got mine from glowshift.com i like them real good they can change color and the whole setup gauages,wires,pillar is roughly 200 dollars but it just depends on what gauages you get tho :thumbsup
  3. im leakin oil real bad on my driver side i cant sure where its comin from but it kinda looks like its commin from the governors in the back of the pump but its from where my AFC housin starts to the back of the motor but i was thinkin it could be CCV because did the timmin and it was retarted 4 or 5degrees and when i did the milage it had 205,000miles on it but anyone havin the same problem or ideas
  4. just a odd question why would you have to put it in neutral is it because theres more pressure on it or more flow in it?
  5. bout a year ago when i bought the truck i redid the timmin and the KDP and i noticed a few days later it started leakin oil and now its leaken so bad bascally everytime i turn around i gotta put oil in it i got a few idea's or hints right where my AFC housin starts to back of the engine its caked on with oil so i took off the AFC housin and got some silicone and put on it got everythang back together and took it for a drive came back and its still leakin oil i think its commin from the bottom of the pump or behind the pump thats the cover for the anitfreeze passages if im thinkin right but correct me if im wrong then also too my steerin pump and steerin gear is leakin too i know mopar1973man said a few thangs but im gettin ready to take out the pump and i may take the VP and take all the hoses off and inspect and clean but is there any adjustments on the steerin gear bc i got alot of play in the steerin and just hope it aint out of round? but holler back and see what yall think!
  6. thats what mine is doin but its a 97' 2500 but i dont know much but check the fluid first or could be the bands need to be adjusted but if you fine anythang just holler appriacate it!
  7. i got gotcha now but i think i would have to agree with ya on that one havin no pleasure workin on a 2nd gen 12v LOL
  8. thanks and i dont mean to sound dumb or anythang but where is that actually at like where it connects and other connection and thanks again
  9. i agree with everyone else but 1st thang to do is gauages and if its a auto get a TC and valve body or a manuel upgrade clutch but other then that everyone then that everyone has said iti dont think the paint job is too bad but everythang else is lookin good whats the tires on it?
  10. alright man i appricate it it my take a few days but ill let you know and you wouldnt know of a injection pump leakin oil do you?
  11. this was about a 100 miles ago or alittle less one of my powersteering lines were clogged and i clean and rebled the system when i putted the fluid in it i over filled it just a little bit but i just noticed this evenin that i lost about a pint and i can not figure out where its goin and also another think i noticed was the fluid was a light brown and it smelled like oil but i putted fresh fluid in it but i dont if this is normal but i purty sure it aint
  12. i was lookin round and trien to find a banjo kit for a 12v i seen one for a 24v but i wasnt sure if it would hook up and im pretty sure it wouldnt but any suggestions or idea's thanks guys
  13. scratch the prev. thread well i got some good news and some bad news well the good news is i saved a bunch of money by switchin to geico haha not but the bad news is it took me long enough but there was only 2 numbers in it, in the front part right where you put the bolts to the motor is 176-9 and right above the shifter is 410176-9 and right below it is a chart if i find anythang else ill let yall know
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