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  1. Yea it is just mostly a blue haze the lasts for a few minutes until the egt's get warmed up. Also I have put a hotrod injection pump on mine this summer after my old one went out. It has advanced timing could that have something to do with it?
  2. Yea the grid heaters are working fine and goes away in a few minutes. Thanks What causes this anyone know?
  3. Hey its just recently gotten cold here and Ive noticed when it has set over night and is cold when it first starts up is blows some blue smoke. I was wondering if this is normal or not. It does it when it gets less than 20 degrees and goes away after a few minutes. I have a basically stock truck just wondering if this is normal or not and what causes it. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help! Will be putting an AD 100 on soon!
  5. Got a quick question about the air dog 100. My stock lift pump is going out and now im looking at putting the air dog 100 on my truck. My question is why do i need a pump that pumps a 100gmh?? Sounds like a bit of overkill to me.
  6. Yea i got it printed out and am gonna go back down and have them fix it. Whats the reason most wont do the flash???
  7. Yep just what i was afraid of. The dealer did not pull up the correct TSB. The dealer flashed TSB 18-014-01. Not sure where he got this from???? Why is it so hard for dealers to find out about this and why do none of the seem to know what i am talking about????
  8. Nope wasn't plugged in im at school right now and have no place to plug it in. Yea im gonna try the resistor this weekend. What size resistor is it and where do i find the IAT plug at?
  9. So i went out his morning and started my truck. 15 degrees outside and still no high idle. Im no sure if the dealer even enabled the software. Im gonna try putting the resistor in the sensor this weekend to see if it will kick in that way. Your Forced high idle set up looks better and better all the time lol. Need to make sure the software is enabled though.
  10. I would love to have a setup where i could manually start high idle. Ive looked at your drawings for hooking it up and that is way over my head!:smile:
  11. K thanks. I just got the dealer to enable high idle and its finally getting below 30 for the first time since. Then when i started the truck up and it didnt work i was really upset. Thanks for the info
  12. Hey Mopar Man, I had the dealer enable my high idle on my 01 dodge cummins. I tried starting it this morning at 25 degrees F and high idle did not kick in. It was my understanding that any temp under 30 degrees would kick in high idle. The truck was not plugged in and sat for a couple days so i know it was below 30. Would the intake heaters running cause this to not kick in????
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