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  1. my Raptor lift pump has its own relay wired directly to driver side batt.could it be stuck?
  2. yes there is a 5 pin flasher. NAPA #ep27.its on a 99DWR 4x4 . one on it doesn't flash like it should. found a #ep27-l for LEDs that is supposed to work. thanks for all your help
  3. not mine ,was asking for a friend. well check with him.
  4. does any one make a HD 5 pin flasher for towing. local NAPA doesn't list one .thanks
  5. my fp guage is mounted on intake to the fuel filter. i had a BD 5 psi lite at ip.(lost IP be before i had guage) wanted to change to a higher psi so icould tell if fuel filter was getting bad at a higher psi. fabed a hose w/ valve for a snubber on the new psi switch.hope i made sense
  6. Jegs sells a low fuel psi switch kit that is adjustable.(5to25psi). a little pain to set at 10-12psi but if your fuel pump is adjustable you can turn it down till lite comes on or off ,then reset your pump.
  7. I have the raptor w/big line kit.works very well mounted near tank. only problem you might have is how to draw fuel from tank. I installed a draw straw.
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