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  1. Check your throttle positioning sensor. You can test this with a voltmeter and monitoring the signal voltage on the blue wire with a black tracer coming from the APPS electrical plug. Turn the ignition key to the “on” position and slowly press on the throttle and slowly release it. You should not ever see a jump in voltage. It should go up and down smoothly. If it repeatedly jumps up or down, then its likely the APPS. Further extend the signal wire in the cab with you an go for a drive, if the voltage jumps and truck misses simultaneously its definitely the APPS. This is unlikely without
  2. Fuel pressure gauges definitely should have a snubber. More info would be nice to help you more specifically some things to think about,Just so you know if the PCM detects an over/under boost the fuel rate will be reduced automatically. Inspect turbo housing for oil contaminationinspect air induction system for air leaks.
  3. Mostly true!! You can however test everything leaving that to be your last resort. To bypass ecm and any potential electrical issues, remove plug from rear of injection pump run hot wire to pin 7 with a 10amp in line fuse, then another wire from the pin directly above #7 then ground that to battery. If your injection pump is good and your getting fuel it will start. The dribble of fuel that you got out of the line was probably just what the lift pump was pushing through.
  4. Definitely sounds like the cam positioning sensor. Any other symptoms, such as low voltage, cruise control not working, maybe check engine light?
  5. Something to check, if your batteries are getting that low look at the light in glove box an light attached to bottom of hood. They have been known to not switch off, effectively draining batteries.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone knew what to look for inside to determine the cause of failure. Im not in any danger of damaging the pumps ability to be used for a core? Thanks Mopar1973Man saw the sticky not sure where you found that but good work!!!!
  7. Most of these trucks are drove by people that work for us so I havent invested much money in after market products, that being said yes they all have gauges weather the drivers ever look at them idk least they tell me they do when i asked the driver this question he told me 15 or 16.
  8. I am in the middle of changing another VP I have done so many of these I keep one in stock on the shelf in my shop, but i have 8 of these trucks to keep going. Anyway I have been trying to figure more out about this pump, at least why they fail, more to the point why mine fail. I normally take them off send them away and thats it. I know it is either the electronics or the mechanical part. My question is has anyone went in a dead pump to see.
  9. Ok, so the speed sensor, where is that located? All the threads that I read trying to figure this out I never saw this mentioned. If it's a cheap part I will just change it. As far as up shifting goes it seems fine.
  10. The truck i'm working on is a 1997 dodge cummins and it is completely stock. When taking off from a stop the truck does not downshift at all, it starts in whatever gear you have selected. It will manually downshift fine except for 1st, the only way it will drop clear to first is come to a complete stop. So far I have checked to line pressure (good), adjusted the TV cable, changed filter fluid gov pressure sol and transducer. I am stumped any suggestions? Oh and no codes are coming up!!
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