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  1. I’m still not sold on them. I do have room to mount 3 of them without losing storage and them staying warm... but I’m not spending 3K for 300AH. Even 2 of them would provide more usable AH than my 300AH 6V’s, but at twice the cost. I am just not convicted they will last 2x as long. I got over 10 years on my last pair of lifeline 6V’s and my current pair are going on their 8th season and I don’t notice any degradation. I am adding solar to my 5th wheel this winter and that will be adequate for how I camp. I’ll probably do 1-2 170W panels.
  2. There is likely something else wrong with a truck blowing a 150A fuse on a 136A alternator. It may have occurred with a high amp draw but that just allowed the other failure to manifest. I've done lots of winching over the years with amp draws that have been 2-3x higher than the alternator rating on rigs with 1 or 2 batteries and never had a alternator fuse blow. I would not disconnect the alternator while winching as that will result in even lower voltage and higher amp draw. High amp draw will reduce voltage even on good batteries. When you're talking 4
  3. Within reason, no it won't. As long as you're not talking a much heavier rotor, which is likely not going to happen at a perceivable amount on these trucks.
  4. While that would technically help, it would be such a small effect that it would likely be imperceptible to the alternator. While you're drawing 350A a change of 5-10A isn't going to do much for the alternator as it will be at 100% load either way.
  5. Doesn't do much good for the OP when he's concerned about winching. Not much you can do there to reduce the draw, so that's what he needs a bigger alternator over.
  6. I’ve seen it twice. Once we met in Boise, and the other time I passed him as we were headed camping. It wasn’t too far from his house thou
  7. Can’t help you there. I don’t have any knowledge of that company. Will 3rd or 4th gen OEM alternators work on 2nd gens?
  8. You’re the one who can say if it’s worth it for you or not. A bigger alternator will absolutely help, but is the cost worth your use?? That’s what you have to decide. Are you sure it’s the diode and not the brushes.
  9. If the batteries tested good then it's possible they are. You can easily wear the diodes out with good batteries and a high amp draw, like a winch. The brushes also get eaten very quick when alternators are putting out max amperage for more than a few seconds, like winching.
  10. Temp is huge! Here is the output chart for my OEM alternator. At 1500 rpms the difference is 30A from warm to hot air. But at idle a 220A puts out quite a bit more than a 136A does peak.
  11. Most of us have starting batteries in our trucks which are not designed for loads like a winch. So the batteries and the alternator are to blame for not being able to support the sustained winch loads. Winches can draw up to 400A, so when you’re above alternator output even the best batteries are going to reduce voltage. For a 270A load you really need a batter bank of around 800AH to not have a large voltage drop, even on quality batteries with a full charge. For example my RV has a pair of Lifeline 300AH 6V batteries, very high quality deep cycles. If I put a 150A load on the 300AH bank the
  12. @Mopar1973ManI have quite a few miles on 3rd gens with 2" spacers and none of them wondered, stock tires or larger. The only time any wondering occurred was due to worn out steering components, and not from the level kit. Even then never anything bad, just not like new. I disliked the 2" level for other reasons, but they always tracked just fine. A 3" level would be horrible for ride quality!
  13. Haha... now I understand why the website looks like it’s been stuck in loading for a couple weeks, it was intentional. From the outside looking in, it looks incomplete and more like there is an issue now than with any slow loading before (I never noticed any). Not trying to do anything other than provide an outside perspective.
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