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  1. 4 minutes ago, Royal Squire said:

    What is purpose of accumulator tank?

    It does a couple things. Mainly it reduces the pulse short cycling of the pump during use by having a volume of water on standby. When that volume runs out the pump then runs steady until the tank is refilled. Pump life and flow are improved. 

    It also allows for a reserve of water with the pump off, like when you’re sleeping. The toilet can be flushed or a glass of water filled without cycling the pump. 

  2. I’ve been slowly giving the new 5th wheel some love. It got the 300AH lifelines, inverter, battery switch, gauges, converter and auto transfer switches from the TT installed. I had to build a new wider battery box, but everything installed in a similar fashion. 

    I removed the converter and fridge from the general 15A circuits and gave them their own dedicated circuits. This allows me to power the 2 15A circuits with the inverter and auto transfer switches. 

    Don’t mind the rats nest, it’s actually cleaned up from OEM. I still have a little tidying to do thou. 

    I left the 2 gallon accumulator tank in the TT and got a 5 gallon one for the 5th wheel. There is plenty of room for it in the “crawl space”. While I wait for the last couple PEX fittings to arrive I’m going to work on the suspension. 

    The 5er and TT have the same springs/axles but the 5er’s springs show more day, despite the camper showing less wear. It is a little heavier thou. I’d also like to lift it about 1.5”. I found some US made 3000lb springs that will give me about 1” of lift. I’m also replacing the work out equalizer with a Dexter EZ-Flex which will give me about 1/2” of lift. I’m also adding a shock kit and replacing all the bearings while I’m working on it. This should make for a level trailer with more than enough clearance to the bed rails. Tried to get as much US made as I could. 









  3. 4 hours ago, PaulArthur1 said:

    Just kind of wondering what red light or too low of fuel pressure would be for 6.7. I know factory specs is 11.5 and I'm normally about ten. But I know 3rd gen I believe that 10 psi is way too low. I think they have the VP pump, unsure.

    The CP3 cares more about flow than pressure. All 3rd gen and 4th gens thru 2018 use the CP3

    Stock is 8-10 at idle and 6-8 cruise. It can dip down to 4-5 under normal operation and is fine.  I believe the Bosch spec even allows for some vacuums, but positive pressure is the recommendation. I set the warning light on my 05 to 3 psi and only saw it with COLD fuel, that was with 3 fuel filters and 150 rwhp over stock. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

    Like I know so far because Eileen has friends in the hospital down in Boise and few other cities. There still no cases of COVID-19 hospitalized yet. What I think is going on is anyone with fever and a cough is being sent home to self isolate. Actual amount of COVID-19 cases on ventilators here is near zero for what I know 


    There are most certainly people hospitalized in Boise that have tested positive. Not many but there are some. I have a friend working directly with them. 

    The vast majority of patients are at home thou. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, The_Hammer said:

    Can’t stay home. I work for a farmer and my wife is an animal control officer so are both ”essential”.


    TP is still hard to come by down here because people are idiots.


    One of my friend’s is currently in voluntary quarantine after being directly exposed to a patient who tested positive for Kung Flu (he’s a nurse at a Army hospital). His son has cerebral palsy so he’s being super cautious.


    My daughter (who lives 3 hours away with her mom) was tested twice for COVID and thankful both came back negative. She has been going through mild chemo for Myasthenia Gravis and is high risk. To make things even better she was attacked by a dog two and half weeks ago and required 66 stitches in her upper lip. She ended up with an infection and a 103° fever (which is why she was tested). The hospital had her on lock down so I still haven’t been able to see her since all of this went down. Fun times. I’m ready for a drink.

    Man that’s some crazy ****, err stuff. 

    all the best to your daughter! It’s awfully scary being a parent. 

    At work we are essential too, but trying hard to maintain some distance and stay healthy incase were called upon to help.

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  6. Well it's installed and FULL!!

    The worst part was getting the front strap in the frame... WOW that was a PITA. I ended up taking a lot of its preformed arc out to make it work. Then it went easy and reshaped itself as I tightened it.

    If you're doing the work on the floor you will likley need to jack the rear of the truck up to get the stock tank out and the new tank in. Even with 4-5" under the rear tires I had to push it under the truck on it's side. 
    I lost 2.75" of ground clearance. I have the skid plate too. The bottom is very flat unlike the stock tank. It's still not the lowest thing on the truck, the exhaust and the running boards are lower. 

    I put 5 gallons in the truck and drove to the local fill station, 1.1 miles. It took 48.375 gallons until it clicked, and then another 3.192 until it was at the filler neck. So I have just over 56 gallons in the truck. I'll take it!

    I did fill in 5 gallon increments and monitor tank %age. The sender reads 100% with 45 gallons of fuel in the tank. It reads 50% at about 20 gallons in the tank so it is "top heavy". I should have looked to see how hard it would be to add a longer arm to the OEM float but I didn't.

    All in all I am happy I didn't pay for the install and it wasn't a bad job for 1 man.







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  7. The problem with the current numbers and mortality rate is that we know a lot of people have it and aren’t being tested... we just don’t know how many. I’ve seen it estimated that this is less deadly than the common flu, and I’ve seen it estimated as more. I’m inclined to think it’s the lower number, based on how mild the symptoms can be. People with mild symptoms aren’t even being tested for the most part. 

    I’m betting it ends up around polio on that chart, maybe even more to the right... but I don’t think higher. Of course that’s just my opinion based on combining all the info I’ve seen, and my lack of a medical degree. :smart:

    The effect on the economy will be far worse that the effect on the population. That’s what’s so scary about this reaction. 


  8. It's installed and ready for a test drive... just waiting on a part to finish my Titan tank install. 


    Removal at the spindle was easy, but removal at the pitman arm was a PITA. 


    All in all it's a good looking piece. 


    Reimbursement form has been submitted to FCA and I'll update with their answer. If they deny it then I'm still happier spending $137 than a ridiculous weld fix. 





  9. Dodge was long known for a great Powertrain with a lower quality wrapper.... Ram is not known for that, but carries the previous Dodge stigma. 

    I have had an 05 Dodge 3500 SLT and now my 18 Ram 3500 Laramie. I never had any issues with the 05’s cab/interior but the 18 has a better fit and finish, and feel to it. 

    My brother has a 17 F250 and it’s more like my older dodge than my newer Ram. Yes it has bells and whistles (and a bad *** sunroof!!) but the build quality doesn’t feel like it’s there. Time will tell I guess. 

    But you’re asking these questions on a MOPAR forum, we’re just a little biased. 

    Chevy has good interiors, good frames, decent Powertrain, but also IFS. I grew up on bow tie and don’t want to deal with IFS suspensions on a HD truck. I want a solid axle front end. 

    I’m also a Toyota fan and still own a 4Runner. I’ve had several Toyota’s over the last 20 years and they are great but they don’t have a truck worth buying for use as a HD truck. Same with Nissan, thou the Titian HD is a decent 5/8 ton... ugly, but decent. 

  10. I would try to avoid the 07.5-12 6.7 Cummins for emissions reasons. Poor mileage, hard on the motor, etc. It’s also getting harder to delete. 

    I also wouldn’t ever own a 6.7 Furd, but they are seeming to hold up. Hard to do any maintenance yourself though, as they really need the cab to come off for any decent motor work. 

    If it were my money it would go towards a 14+ Cummins.  2500 vs 3500 will depend on use, and transmission desire. The frame/suspension is also greatly improved over the 03-12/13 frame/suspension. 

  11. 26 minutes ago, wil440 said:

    Our news telling us USA now has the highest infections and highest deaths of any country even higher than  china.

    our PM Boris Johnson has it as does prince charles

    The US had the most cases, but not the most deaths. China still has nearly 3x the deaths. Thou the US death rate will likely rise in the coming days based on how far into this we are. Idaho went form 0 to 3 deaths in a 30 minute span yesterday. 

    You also have to consider the availability of test kits today versus December-February. More people being tested means more known cases. There are still presumed to be a large number of mild cases not being tested/treated. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Sycostang67 said:

    I leave for work at 2:30 every morning, seeing more traffic than usual, I assume it's people heading to Costco/Walmart to wait in lines.  Afternoon traffic is better though, almost like it was before all these town wreckers moved in from out of state.  My wife got a jump on the TP situation.  She watches a few youtubers from china and they mentioned all the TP was disappearing so she grabbed us an extra pack before all the stupidity took over locally.  I have a few rolls of shop towels I can cut in half if things get desperate as well.  We just have to keep food supplies up now.  Went shopping last week, got a few more things than normal but nothing crazy as most everything was already gone.  My mother spends most of her time canning and freeze drying food so I can always hit her up if things get too low.  Schools are closed until after spring break, all dining is restricted to take out/delivery only.  Wife and I are both still working though my job is slowing down. 

    I went to the downtown Winco yesterday. They are only out of paper products, and some bulk stuff..rice/flour/ some beans. 

    Plenty of other food, meat, fresh produce, beer, wine, etc. the store looked mostly normal and wasn’t very crowded. 

    I also went to Costco for some moonglow juniper bushes and they weren’t busy. Most things in stock. 

    Food is likely to not be an issue now that the initial panic is over. 

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