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  2. I had a old 39 ft fleetwood fifth wheel I think it was a 93 model. Not real sure but talk about heavy and hard to pull. Never pulled it with the 02 I have but did with the 6.7 2010 3500 g56 dually. It had 3:73's and would have hated to think how hard it would have been with 3:55's. I live in ky but also have property in wy and that's is where I pulled that beast to and back. The roads or I should say the hills and pulling trailers in Eastern ky is a little different than out west where the climbs are steep but long where as here they are steep it just about the time you get in the power band
  3. Has a lope when letting the clutch out at idle. I've tried all different settings on the edge but can't get rid of it. If I don't run it at. 1000 rpms when letting out the clutch just getting the truck to move it lopes or diesels. Had a old tractor back in the sixty's and it had a lope. Spent years on it and over the years I came to hate it.
  4. I went ahead and bought new crossover tubes with O rings and some new rv275s to install. I really didn't like the looks of the dap 7.009's I bought. They looked like they were beat up pretty good on the bodies and a couple of them where the crossover tubes seated in them looked scared up also. Had them laying in the garage for a few weeks waiting for a little better weather to install and noticed the truck started a little better each time I used it. Long story made short weather was nice one day and thought good day to lick that calf over and went out to start it and pull in the garage, it wa
  5. I pulled crossover tubes and cleaned and replaced new orings that came from DAP. I reinstalled injectors first by torquing to 40 in lbs and backing off then inserting crossovers and tightening them then torquing the injectors to I think was 74 in lbs. I was very carefull as to not nick or damage any of the crossovers taking them out or putting them back in. Made sure all brass washers came out with old injectors and when reinserting new injectors i put just a small dot of grease on the new brass washers to hold in place while inserting new injectors.
  6. I never sent them in. After I started it the next day I decided to wait to see if this resolved its self. Glad I kept them. I might have someone good stick some new nozzels on and pop test them.
  7. Yep ran fine just wanted to put a little more pep in her step for towing. Work is all I use the truck for its not a dd. Im in the process of putting a edge juice w/a in it also. I was going to see if maybe it ran different with some timing and maybe a little extra squirt in the belly. But I think there is something just quite not right because of the starting and when taking off from a stop. 148k on the clock and as far as injectors was never touched. If I have to pull them next go around I will put all new cross over tubes and I think I will go with brand new Bosch 245rv's in it.
  8. I know what you mean. I do all my own work also. Just expected the parts I ordered to be a good product. I know about the tire shops too. I take my tires off and haul them in have them changed then I put them bac on. Alignment is the only thing I don't do also.
  9. Thanks, I noticed it's kinda surges when first taking off like your just tapping the throttle. It just doesn't seem right after these injectors were in. I will check with a laser gun and if they aren't close to being the same I'll be calling dap and getting a different set from someone else. Just hate to have to go thru that whole process again of the install. I hate licking that calf twice.
  10. Egts or coolent temps? At idle the exhaust temps we right around 270-280. Coolent temps seem normal when after warmed up at idle. I wanted to get a set from contagious diesel but never could get a hold of them. After getting these from dap they looked like they had some age but did have new nozzles as far as I could tell.
  11. If it isn't leaking where would it be loosing it? I mean everything is dry as a bone.
  12. Install some DAP 7x.009 injectors. Everything went smooth and took my time checking everything. Tightened everything to spec's. Bled the system after installing and she cranked right up. Nothing leaks but now after sitting over night I have to crank on it a good minute or so to get it started. Before I couldn't hardly get my hand on the key and it would be running. At first I thought it may be some air in the system still seeking higher ground but after a couple weeks Im starting to wonder if maybe it's something else. I cleaned everything good and also put new orings on the crossovers. Any id
  13. Etrailer.com Has lots of stuff for trucks and trailers.
  14. Below is a link to troubleshoot seatbelt retractor timer module. Has a drawing and a wiring digram of the module. Might help to understand and future reference. http://www.justanswer.com/dodge/14zi0-1999-dodge-ram-2500series-truck-ext-cab-5-9-eng.html
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