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  1. Morning and thank you for the response, the lift pump is an Airdog 2 165 and i will be upgrading to the G4 motor and pump as part of the project, while the old motor and pump are running fine, they are pushing 7 years old and about 80k miles. so it will be replaced. that said, it has its own relay that is already drawing from the battery directly, but using the ECM to trigger the relay. after looking at the diagrams, this signal is triggered from the VP44 directly, likely turning the pump on fire fire-up (you know the 10 sec bump of the lift pump) and thinking back when the V
  2. Hi All, I have a question, I am in the home stretch of swapping my 24v i am needing to tap for key on power for the lift pump and fuel shutoff, those that have p pump swapped their trucks, where did you tap in for key on power? just looking for ideas before i get to that step Thanks.
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