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  2. organicfarmer

    Another battery thread.....

    Thanks for the update, good batteries= happy driver
  3. organicfarmer


    Update! I have since changed out the 17'' FTE res. for a 30'' FTE res. I'm real happy with the set up now. Drone is practicaly gone now, and my Tater-turbo's whistle shines through REAL nice!!
  4. organicfarmer


    the turbo still has the stock waste gate
  5. organicfarmer


    I havnt seen higher boost psi then the stocker...32psi as before. How does this compare to stock psi?? i'm running the j-06 on sw3[100hp] tm2[max.] tq1[min.] Pod85 does the j06 boost fool? if it does, how does this work?? thanks!!
  6. organicfarmer


    Hav'nt done a wot run yet,...but in a ''to the hardware store drive'' i noticed the drive psi gauge is steady'er and its definetly lower then the stock turbo! Ill try to get some #ers soon. Till then you'll just have to thrash in agony! I love starting off!,.. every time i'm rewarded by that sweet turbo ''thrilling'' sound! did i mention this before?
  7. organicfarmer


    pics on!
  8. organicfarmer


    Well,...here it is! TATER BUILT 62-65-BILLET EXT. TIP 'GLORIFIED WHISTLE PIG!!' Awesome exhaust whistle! Everybody KNOWS i have a turbo now! Bye-bye whisper-weak stocker!!
  9. I am using my regulated gauge and the highest iv seen is 55+psi wot...I have a quick connect where the poly begins so i can slip stoppers in both the copper end & the poly end. This is what i'll do most of the time, as there is no point in always having d.psi readings. Also might keep the poly cleaner. I'm not using a filter. If i think about it , i have some #ers that i can post...................but since my copper is so ugly......................
  10. WOW!,...I LOVE MY CUMMINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. pxrb would be safe to use?
  12. what are the stock valve spring's #? I have the BD exh brake on my wish list! possibly remote mount....
  13. yea, man, fine spirits,...thats like, when im smilin? ...... copper?, oh yea!, i just wanted to 'cool' my drive pressure, man .... just like my 'cool hose' intake is like, cool & stuff,..way cooler then your intake, man...... JOHN, is exhaust brake drive psi as 'bad' for the eng. as 'under power' drive psi?
  14. well,well,well i got it connected. now the hard part! to not run in a tree when im trying to peg my gauges! i tryed a reg. air psi gauge, but at low psi it sounded like a woodpecker tapping on the 0psi peg! ......now i have a 'bought' boost gauge on, havnt tryed this yet, but should be good.
  15. organicfarmer

    first forum ever

    welcome!! ohhhh, a monstor 6.7l CUMMINS! great engines.. to bad about emitions......as for questions, fire away! a lot more folks are watching then are responding. we are all learning. i really hope you/we can get your HUMMIN, CUMMINS runnin right soon!