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  2. Hey anybody happen to be in the Billings Montana area that could get me to an auto parts. Called them and short of staff. Can not bring me a fuel filter. I pulled my filter to check for trash. Looks good but now have a no start. Hope it's not the lift pump. I have almost half a tank of fuel. Just put this lift pump in last year. Thanks
  3. I have not gotten any check engine light or anything like that. Ok I will see about trying to find a way to get the codes. Kinda hard getting around with a big trailer. Just hope it doesn't quite again
  4. 2008 6.7 I have no way to check fuel pressure. I have always used howes diesel additive. I opened the drain on the fuel filter and got good clean fuel. No water or trash that I can tell. I seen on another board to set back to stock. Disconnect both batteries then touch positive and negative together to discharge capisitors in the ecu and wait 5 minutes then connect batteries back and drive for a ways then reinstall the smarty. Has anyone heard of this. I will be heading into the mountains when I leave here and don't want to get stranded. I am on an iPhone and I don't know what the signature is
  5. Hello all! I am from Texas. I am in Billings Montana at the pilot truck stop near the I90-94 split. Last night in North Dakota about 20 miles from the state line I got the message service required see dealer now and lost a lot of power. I stopped for the night at beach. I plugged in my smarty race me pro and did not have any codes. I went ahead and cleared it twice. I increased the power to level 3. I was at 0. I fueled up and got about 20 miles from billings and it started again. This time it shut down on me. I again check for codes and had none. I went ahead and cleared them twice and then d
  6. Well I broke out the cutting torch and cut the bolts off. Orelliey,s had a set of camber bolts. Got everything done except the top one next to the exhaust pipe. That one looks like it's gonna be a challenge. I guess I'll have to drop the cross members. To drop the exhaust low enough to get that last bolt out. Bigger project than expected.
  7. Napa had the control arms in stock so I just got them to save time. Still trying to get the camber bolt out. Tried one of those cheap harbour freight ball joint presses. All I was able to do with it was bend it. Lol! Sawsall I just ruined a few blades. Fixing to try the cut off wheel then the cutting torch as a last resort. Right now gonna take a break and drink a beer.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. Now a silly question. How do you get the cam bolt out? Seems to be seized in there good. I would guess a sawsall with a metal blade?
  9. I have an 08 2500 4X4 standard shift with 455000 miles on it. This is a work truck so no mods other than the deletes with the smarty sr. The front control arm bushings are shot. I am wondering if I should stick with oem or go to some kind of after market control arms? If I go after market what brand and where to purchase them? I just started to remove the drivers side lower and found the cam bolt froze up. I am fixing to invest in an air hammer to see if that will push it on out. When that back one just slid right out I thought this is going to be a piece of cake. Lol! Anyway if anyone has any
  10. My balancer does not have a rubber in it. Mine is the solid type. I did all the deletes. I do not have any pressure guages or egt temp guage. I apologize for not getting back sooner. What type of 2 cycle and how much should I use? Thanks
  11. Hello all who read this. Sorry for it being such a long read. I have an 08 6.7 2500 4X4 at 448,000 miles standard shift. I am almost stock as in I did a cal delete with the smarty race me pro. I keep it set at the 0 setting for fuel economy and that has worked out well. I went with a dual disc clutch when the stocker failed and started to slip under load. I also am using a K&N air filter in the stock airbox. I use my truck for moving travel trailers and a daily driver. The truck developed a vibration some time ago. First thought it was the drive shafts had them rebuilt tires balanced. Us
  12. I managed to get it cranked on Break cleaner. Got it off the incline and it cleared up. It is still running rough with a little smoke. I guess it is time to put in a new lift pump. When I got the truck turned around my fuel level is about 1/8th over a 1/4 tank.
  13. I did. I put in another 5 gal. Yes gauges accurate best I can tell. Still no start. Just turn over. Sometimes will act like trying to start but not always.
  14. I am stuck in Edwardsburg Mi. I have an 08 2500 4x4 standard with 420,000 miles on it. I been using the smarty sr with cal delete for about a yr now with no issues. It is set at the lowest possible setting for fuel economy. The other night I pulled in my buddies drive way and backed up on a small incline. The truck began running really rough like it was hitting on about 3 cylinders. I turned it off and waited a few minutes it fired up still running rough. I was a little low on fuel about 1/8 of a tank. The next morning I tried to start it but it would not start. It turned over fine but would n
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